Urfi Javed’s photo and video has been uploaded on the dirty site, there is a riot, know the full story….

TV actress Urfi Javed may look like she’s on her plate as she is both beautiful and shapely but at one point something happened to her too, after which her confidence seemed to plummet, in fact she flew when she was in school. During that time, some of her photos were uploaded by someone on the adult site and she’s been in a lot of trouble ever since!

As you all know that Javed Akhtar stays in the discussion about her attire, he is often dominated by her statement, not only this, her actress herself also talked about this issue in school. It was said that someone posted a photo of her on the edited website after which he faced a lot of problems and since then even her family didn’t support her!

The same was revealed by the actress herself during an interview with RJ Siddhartha Kannan alias Javed, saying that her condition had deteriorated when her photo was uploaded to the site and after this whole thing her father had tortured her mentally and physically, no one was supporting her!

At the same time, he also told that her family members wanted to check her bank account, he felt that Urfi Javed should have some money to do all this, so her bank account was also checked, she tells the same. That at the time when she was a class 11 student and it was very sad for her because her family didn’t trust her either and her family blamed her!

For the information here, let us tell you that while speaking about this whole incident, Urfi Javed said that her father was dating her for 2 years and her relatives and other people started talking about her very dirty and this. She always prayed that whatever happened to her should never happen to another girl.

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