Urfi Javed used a very small cloth to cover the body, the slightest mistake would be heavy

Urfi Javed shared a bold video on social media. In this video, Urfi covers her body with a small cloth.

New Delhi: When it comes to boldness *, exceeding any threshold is not a big deal for Urfi Javed. Urfi has done something similar this time. Urfi Javed shared a video on social media in which she is without a bra and used only a small piece of cloth to save her shame.

Bo * ld in bra

Urfi Javed has become even bolder in this video. Urfi is wearing brown pants and has taken a light-colored fabric from above, which is wrapped around her neck and covers her body from the front.

Small fabric body

Urfi appears to be covering her body with a small cloth in this video. To complete her look, Urfi has done light makeup. It is also possible.

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Urfi Javed shared this video on social media. During the video sharing, Urfi wrote in the caption – ’16 missed calls? We have all been there! “There was a time when I called my ex 26 times because she did not answer!”

Shirt in a new style

Earlier, Urfi shared some photos on social media. In these photos, Urfi was seen holding a gerbera flower in her hand. In the photos, Urfi was wearing a yellow shirt and the buttons were open from the side of the back. Urfi’s photos with this new shirt style were much discussed on social media.

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The gerbera flower was applied to the hair

In this video, wearing the backless dress shirt, Urfi (Urfi Javed) wore only one button. The video showed her trying to put a large gerbera flower in her open hair. When the flower could not adorn her hair, she burst out laughing. This style was very much liked by her fans.

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