Update of ration card 2022: Change the rules for ration cards, know the new rules

Ration Card Update 2022 Ration card (ration card) There is a big message for the owners. The Department of Food and Public Distribution is making changes to the rules for ration cards. In fact, the Department of Food and Public Distribution is making changes to the norms for those entitled to take rations from government rationing stores. The draft of the new standard is almost complete. Several rounds of meetings have been held with the state governments in this regard. Let’s see what will happen in the New Testament.

Ration Card Update 2022

Ration Card Update 2022

New update of ration card 2022

Ration card (ration card) According to the Department of Food and Public Distribution, there are currently 8 crore people across the country using the National Food Safety Act (NFSA). Many of them are financially prosperous. With this in mind, the Ministry of Public Distribution must make changes to the standards. In fact, the current new standard will be made completely transparent so that there will be no confusion!

why changes occur

In this regard, the Department of Food and Public Distribution said that for the past six months, UP (Uttar Pradesh) Consultation meetings have been held with the states on changing the standard. New standards are being developed in line with the recommendations from the states. Ration cards These standards will soon be completed. After the new standard enters into force, only those who qualify will benefit and those who do not qualify will not. This change has been made for the needy.

According to the Department of Food and Public Distribution, “One Nation, One ration Card” (A nation – a ration card) The system has so far been implemented in 32 states and union territories until December 2020. Approximately 69 crore beneficiaries, ie 86 percent of the population covered by the NFSA, use this ration card. About 1.5 million people earn money by moving from one place to another every month.

New name can be added to Ration Card: Ration Card Update 2022

Through Ration cards, poor families all over the country receive rations on grants. The ration card is made by the state government. It is connected to the Aadhar card, where any family member can take a ration by putting a thumb. The government has now started the possibility of taking rationing from rationing cards anywhere in the country.

ration card by the government (ration card) Through this, various benefits have been given to the poor. People are often bothered by the problem of updating their ration card. If you want to add the name of a new member of the household to the ration card, it is possible. It should be known that the process of making a new ration card is also done online.

Follow these steps to add a new member

First of all, go to the official website for the food supply in your state. To update it, you must first create your ration card ID. After this, the Add new member option will be available. Click on it, after which a form will open in front of you. Now you can update your family information.

A soft copy of the document must also be uploaded along with the form. When you submit the form, you will receive the registration number. You can track the form from the portal. Then verification of documents and forms takes place. ration card after the form has been accepted (ration card) Will reach your home by mail.

These documents are required for ration cards: Ration Card Update 2022

  1. Aadhar card
  2. Passport-size digital photographs of family members living in your home
  3. pan-card
  4. mobile number
  5. your proof of income
  6. electricity bill
  7. Bank passport book and digital photocopy of the first page of your bank book.
  8. Your gas connection information

Ration card is a very important document. With the help of this, the poor families in the country get the benefit of free ration given by the government. India is taking advantage of this opportunity provided by the government on a large scale. Apart from this, ration cards are also used for many other jobs.

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