The most powerful Jio design! Get 28 GB of data for 20 rupees

Reliance Jio has made recharging plans expensive in the past. Citizens’ spending on recharging has now increased. But, if you make a little “compromise”, then you can benefit from more data and validity even with less money. We are talking about two Reliance Jio recharge plans. There is a difference of 20 Rs in price between these two programs. In this low price program of 20 Rs, you can get an additional 28 days of power and 28 GB more data. So let’s find out what these two Jio plans are and what the benefits are.

We are talking about Jio 479 Rs and 499 Rs plans, there is a difference of 20 Rs in these plans, but the data and validity of the low cost program is more than the expensive plan.

The design of Jio’s 479 Rs

In Jio’s 479 Rs prepaid plan, 1.5 GB of data is available daily, according to which a total of 84 GB of data is available. The Internet is running at 64 Kbps after high speed data is exhausted. Speaking of validity, the 56 day validity is available in this program. Unlimited voice calling is available in this program. Speaking of SMS, 100SMS are available daily in this program. Along with this, the subscription of JioTV, JioCinema, JioSecurity and JioCloud is available.

Drawing Jio 499 Rs

Reliance Jio’s 499 Rs program provides 2 GB of data per day. The internet speed drops to 64 Kbps after the daily data limit of 2 GB is reached. A total of 56 GB of data is available with this program. In this program 100 SMS are given daily. Unlimited calls are available in this program. 28 day validity is available in this program. Speaking of other benefits, subscriptions from JioTV, JioCinema, JioNews, JioSecurity and JioCloud are provided in this program. At the same time, Disney + Hotstar subscription is given for one year to this program, which is the biggest benefit of this program.

What is the difference between the two plans?

There is a difference of data and validity in these plans with a difference of 20 Rs. Where there is a validity of 56 days with the program of 479 Rs. At the same time, the 499 Rs plan is valid for 28 days. This way you will have 28 days of power spending 20 rupees less. Along with the validity, there is a big data difference in both programs where 84 GB data is available with the 479 Rs program, while 56 GB data is available in the 499 Rs program. If they are calculated, you will receive 28 GB extra data up to spending 20 rupees less. Please note that with Rs 499, you will receive a Disney + Hotstar subscription for 1 year.

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