The bride was talking to friends while she was eating, the groom lifted the naan from the plate and then what happened ……

Viral Video: A wedding video is breaking on social media. In this video the bride and groom are sitting at the table. Then the groom makes such a joke with the bride and became part of the headlines.

Watch the video: Friends, the wedding day is a very important day in a person’s life. Whatever you do on this day will be stuck in your life forever. This is why every person in the world tries to make their wedding spectacular. In this age of the Internet, your marriage is not limited to a few people. Every strange incident that happened at your wedding goes viral today. That is why you should keep in mind that there should be no such act by you in your wedding that causes ridicule, because in the wedding everyone’s eyes are only on the bride and groom and your every activity is captured on camera.

The groom is joking with the bride, and this at the table

Now take this very marriage, where an act of the groom brought him to the fore. A video of the wedding is breaking on social media. In this video the bride and groom are sitting at the table. The bride is busy talking to her friends while eating, only then does the groom’s king do such a thing, seeing that you will not be able to stop laughing.

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The bride’s answer

In fact, while the bride is talking to her friends while eating, the groom quietly picks up the naan from his plate and starts eating. After a while the bride’s eyes fall on her plate, then she realizes that something is missing from her plate. The groom’s smile convinces her that she did this act and also takes back her naan from the groom’s plate without asking him. This video of the incident is breaking on social media, because these are the moments that stay with you forever.

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