Solar Panel Subsidy Scheme: 90% subsidy is available on solar panels, you can also have it installed, see here

Solar panel Subsidy Scheme 90% subsidy is available on solar panel, you can also get it installed, see here Solar energy is promoted to promote renewable energy and to make every household self-sufficient in the field of energy. This will make every household self-sufficient in the field of energy and will be free from paying electricity bills, but due to the high cost of installing solar energy, it can not get ahead among the people. With this in mind, the government has produced Manohar Jyoti Yojana for the people in 2017. The plan is named after Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Kisan Samadhan has included all information related to this system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana).

Solar panel support system

The Government of India has launched a new system called KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha Aur Uhan Mahabhiyan) to subsidize farmers with solar Irrigation Pumps (SIPs) in their fields. Under this system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana), the government will give a 60% subsidy to a farmer to install the pump set and hose well on his land. In this article, we look at Kisan Urja Suraksha and Uhan Mahabhiyan Yojana in detail.

Solar panel support system the purpose with

The main purpose of this Kusum Yojana is to provide advanced technology to the farmers to generate electricity. These solar pumps have dual benefits as they will help the farmers with irrigation and also help the farmers to generate safe energy. Since these pump units consist of an energy network, farmers can sell the surplus power directly to the state, which will also increase their income.

For which state is this system?

Manohar Jyoti Yojana (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana) is also for all families in the state of Haryana. This has been implemented since 2017. The main purpose of this system is to promote renewable energy under the solar system in the state of Haryana.

What are the benefits of solar panels?

Under Manohar Jyoti Yojana (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana), self-sufficiency is made in the electricity area. During this, the solar system will be given to each family. Along with this, there will also be a lithium battery. This allows power to be received from the system without interruption. According to the new guideline, electricity can be generated from 1 kW to 500 kW. The system can run 3 LEDs, a fan and a mobile charging port.

Solar panel price and subsidy on it?

This solar system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana) is installed on the roof of the house. It costs 20 thousand to install, on which the state government gives a subsidy of 15 thousand rupees. This means that the family will find it, it only costs 5 thousand.

What documents are required to take advantage of the system?

Every family wishing to benefit from this system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana) should have this document: –

  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account (Aadhaar linked)
  • Should Haryana residents have this document?

How to apply for solar panel support?

To take advantage of this system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana), all consumers must apply online. For this, all applicants can apply at You can call 0172 – 2587233 & 18002000023 for any questions or difficulties to apply in any case.

Solar panel support system benefits of

The following is the list of benefits under Kusum Yojana

The farmers will be given the opportunity to sell the surplus power directly to the government, which will help the farmers to get additional income. The government has also begun construction of solar power plants. According to the proposal, these plants can generate a total of 28,250 MW of electricity. In addition to solar power plants, the government is working on new solar pumps with diesel pumps with a capacity of 720 MW. This system (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana) also gives farmers an opportunity to earn extra money by installing solar pumps. The amount of surplus-generated energy can be sold to the state.

Every farmer will receive a huge subsidy on these new and improved solar-powered pumps. For this, farmers will have to bear only 10 percent of the total cost. The central government will provide 60% subsidy to eligible farmers on the total cost of the solar pump, and the remaining 30% of the cost will be provided by banks as credit. With the increasing use of solar energy and electricity from solar power plants (Solar Panel Subsidy Yojana), the level of pollution in the yard will decrease.

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