Salman Khan threatened to kill this contestant, he said – I will pull his hair

The famous reality show ‘Bigg Boss 15’ is buzzing at home these days. Meanwhile, Salman Khan will be seen threatening to kill Abhijit Bichulke at Weekend Ka Vaar.

New Delhi: At “Weekend Ka Vaar”, Salman Khan will organize a class with family members. There was also a promo video in which Salman Khan was seen threatening to kill a house contestant entering the house. Along with that, Salman Khan told the contestants that holding the hair, I would remove it from here.

Salman is angry with Abhijeet Bichukale

The promo video shows Salman Khan attending Abhijeet Bichukale’s class. Salman tells Abhijeet: “You are very wrong. How would you feel if someone else gave this dirty abusive language to your family? We can not even repeat the abuses that have been given here. Yeh Banega Prime Minister.

Grab the hair

With this, Salman Khan says angrily to Abhijit (Abhijit Bichukale) – “I will come in the middle of the week and grab your hair and get me out of here”. After that, Abhijeet says in the video that “I have to talk now”. In this, Salman becomes even more furious. They say “you will talk now .. then I will go home and kill you”.

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Abhijeet Bichulke was furious when he heard Salman’s threat

After seeing Salman Khan’s anger, he remains speechless. He immediately gets up from there and says: “Fuck this show. I do not even want to stay here. Open the door.’

Prateek was abused

In fact, Abhijeet abused Prateek during the mission. Along with this, Devoleena was also called abusive words. Let’s tell you that Omar Riaz has been kicked out of the house this week for domestic violence. There was a fight between Umar and Prateek over the project. When the quarrel escalated, Umar pushed Pratek. Now Salman Khan and the show’s creators have decided to throw Umar off the show.

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