Sakshi Chopra took a bo * ld selfie unbuttoning his coat, see picture

A new photo of Ramanand Sagar’s great-granddaughter, Sakshi Chopra, goes viral, in which fans have gone crazy after seeing her bold style. This photo of her has become very like and shared.

New Delhi: Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of the famous director Ramanand Sagar, lives in the spotlight for one reason or another. Her photos and videos continue to make headlines on social media. Now a new photo of Sakshi has been released which clearly shows her bo * ld style. This photo of her has uploaded the mercury of the internet.

Selfie taken while unbuttoning his coat

In the photo, Sakshi is seen in a black bralette. He wears a coat over a bralette whose buttons are open. Seeing this style of hers, the fans have gone crazy. She took a selfie with this look and shared it on her Instagram account, which is going viral. The style of Sakshi Chopra is shown in the photo. Fans praise Sakshi’s bold appearance in the comments section.

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Photos go viral on the internet

Sakshi Chopra remains very active on social media. She shares her hot photos and videos daily. From Sakshi’s bi * ki * ni photos to stunning photos also go viral. Speaking of its popularity, it has more than 5 lakh followers. On the subject of hotness, Sakshi wins over the beauties of Bollywood.

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Do you know who Sakshi Chopra is?

Sakshi Chopra is the daughter of TV producer Meenakshi Sagar, who is the granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar. Apart from being a model, she is also a singer and songwriter. Sakshi attended Trinity School in London and then took film classes at the Lee Strasberg Theater & Film Institute in California.

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