Ration Card Rules – Change: There will be a big change soon in terms of the rules, know who will be harmed

Ration Card Rules – Change: A big news is coming soon for ration card holders. The Department of Food and Public Distribution has decided to make major changes to the rules for ration cards, which will affect many people. According to the information, the department has decided to make changes to the standards for the entitled persons who take rations from state rationing shops.

Ration Card Rules – Change

Ration Card Rules - Change

New rules for ration cards – Change

Now the draft of the new standard for ration cards is almost ready. Now you need to think about what standards people will get ration and why these changes are made. According to the Department of Food and Public Distribution, 80 crore people across the country are currently using the National Food Safety Act. The problem here is that among these people there are many people who are rich in every way. But still they take advantage of it.

The rules for ration cards change! With this in mind, the Ministry of Public Distribution is making changes to the standards. The new standard will be made completely transparent to avoid misconduct. The Department of Food and Public Distribution says meetings are being held with states over the past six months to change standards. New standards are drawn up in view of the proposals made by the states. These will soon be completed and implemented, after which only eligible people will be able to benefit from these standards.

One Nation One ration Card Scheme

According to the information received from the Department of Food and Public Distribution, the “One Nation, One Ration Card” system has been implemented in (states + union territories = a total of 32 states) so far. At the same time, approximately 69 crore beneficiaries, ie 86 percent of the population covered by the NFSA, receive its benefit. At the same time, 1.5 million people also use this ration card by moving from one place to another every month.

Good news for ration card holders: Ration card rules – Change

Before the election to the parish and after the new form of Corona, the state governments try to provide maximum facilities for the public. Recently, the government of Uttar Pradesh has decided to provide free ration along with sugar until March to the ration card holders. Subsequently, the Himachal Pradesh government has also decided to give refined oil 10 rupees cheaper to the ration card consumers.

In fact, the state government has reduced import duties on refined oil by 5 percent. Which will directly benefit 19 lakh ration card consumers in Himachal Pradesh. Let’s tell you that at present ration card consumers are getting refined oil at a rate of Rs 137 per liter. Which is now likely to reach up to 125 Rs. According to information from Food Supplies Corporation, the import duty was previously 17.5 percent, which has now come down to 12.5 percent.

Ration card

These items are available at rationing dealers. In Himachal Pradesh, ration card consumers receive three kg of legumes, two liters of oil (refined and mustard), sugar and salt from the government. Of which flour and rice are supplied by the center to the Land Government. On the other hand, the state government provides other foods to consumers. Together with this, the government determines the price of goods other than flour and rice every three months. The direct benefit is given to ration card consumers.

Benefit will be available in UP

It is noteworthy that the prices of legumes and mustard oil have already registered a decline in the state. There is now an opportunity for a fall in the price of refined oil. Food Minister Rajendra Garg said that import duties have been reduced. In such a situation, the price of refined will also fall. Applications are sought from companies regarding the procurement in January. This will clarify the situation. Its benefit will only be given to the holder of the ration card.

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