Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana: Some new changes to the schedule during the new year, read here

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana: Although unemployment in India is increasing every year, but unemployment in India has increased significantly over the last 2 to 3 years. Various programs have been started for this. Some systems have been set up to provide employment for unemployed young people. Similarly, the Rajasthan government has also launched the Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana. (Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana) It has begun! Let’s go here Rajasthan (Rajasthan) Complete information about this system by the state!

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana

Recently, important changes have been made by the Rajasthan government under the Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Scheme. Let us know what changes have been made under Prime Minister Yuva Sambal Yojana! and Chief Minister Yuva Sambal Yojana (Mukhyamantri Yuva Sambal Yojana) How the applicant must register to take advantage of!

Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana Authorization

Prime Minister Yuva Sambal Yojana for unemployed young people who want to take advantage of this system (Mukhyamantri Yuva Sambal Yojana) It is important to know about the eligibility so that there are no problems when applying. According to the Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Scheme, only unemployed young people can benefit from the original inhabitants of the state of Rajasthan. Unemployed young people will only be able to receive unemployment benefits for a period of 2 years. If an unemployed person gets a job within a period of 2 years, he will not receive the benefit of unemployment benefit.

If a youth is unemployed but he is in Rajasthan (Rajasthan) If he is not a permanent resident of the State, he will not be able to benefit from this system. Unemployment benefit is only given to the unemployed who have registered for unemployment benefit. To benefit from Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana, the applicant must have passed the exam. If an applicant is graduating, he or she can also benefit from this system.

These important changes have taken place in the portal

  • Prime Minister Yuva Sambal Yojana of Rajasthan’s government (Rajasthan CM Yuva Sambal Yojana) Changes made during These changes will be implemented from 1 January 2022.
  • Former men used to receive INR 3,000 per month under this system, but now changes have been made by the government under this system.
  • Under which men will receive 4,000 INR per month! On the other hand, women and transgender people previously received 3,500 ₹ per month, but now 4,500 ₹ per month will be given!
  • Important changes have also been made this time in the application process. Applicants will be able to apply each year only from 1 April to 30 June to receive benefits under the system.
  • This time, there have also been changes that the unemployed youth will first be given internships and skills training.
  • The unemployment benefit limit for the Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Scheme has also been raised from 160,000 to 200,000.
  • The documents for more than 300,000 unemployed young people have been checked by the department and in the coming time, the contribution to these unemployed young people will also begin.

Documents required for Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana

Rajasthan (Rajasthan) A list of some important documents has been prepared by the government.

  • Applicant’s bank details
  • Aadhar card
  • Annual family income certificate
  • 10th grade score sheet
  • the applicant’s certificate of caste
  • Rajasthan Permanent Residence Certificate
  • exam sheet

Application process for Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana

this rajasthan sambal yojana (Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Scheme) To take advantage of the benefits, the applicant must first go to the official recruitment website. After opening the official Rajasthan Employment and Entrepreneurship website, the website will open. After opening the homepage, you need to click on the menu tab and then click on the Searcher tab. Once you have done this, click on the Apply for Unemployment Benefit option. Then you have to click on the option New registration!

A form opens in front of you, where you must fill in all the requested information properly. After this, the SSO ID will be given to the applicant. You must log in by going to the login page! After this, the registration form for Rajasthan Yuva Sambal Yojana will open. After that, the requested information must be filled in and all necessary documents must be attached. Finally, you need to click the Submit button. So this schedule of Rajasthan (Mukhyamantri Yuva Sambal Scheme) The registration process will be completed!

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