Post Office Scheme 2022: This post office will provide an amount of 10 lakhs at maturity, know math

Post Office Scheme 2022: Investing in the mail is considered safe. There are many such systems in this, which provide great benefits to the people. Along with this, it provides many other benefits like tax exemption, insurance. These plans provide the benefit of a longer term from a shorter term. If you have a PPF account for a post office (Post Office PPF Account) If you want to invest for a longer period of time and want to earn more profit then you have to go here. public supply fund (Public Supply Fund) You should invest in the system.

Post Office Scheme 2022

Public supply funds are included in the system for small savings, where 15 to 20 rupees can be invested. Apart from this, the benefit of tax exemption and safe investment is also available in this system. Post Office PPF account is one of the secure systems. As it is a government system, there is no risk of investing in post offices. In this, an interest rate of 7.1 percent is given to investors annually. ,

The term of this public supply fund is 15 years, but if you want to invest for a longer period, you can extend it by another five years. You can not invest more than Rs 1.5 lakh annually in this. While Post Office PPF account can start investing from Rs 1000 to Rs 500.

Who can open PPF account: Post Office Scheme 2022

The public supply fund (Public Supply Fund) All Indian residents including self-employed, pensioners etc. can open an account in PPF. According to this, only one person may open a PPF account for post offices while the possibility of opening a joint account is not given. On the other hand, if someone wants to open an account for a child, a minor PPF account can be opened by the parent / guardian on behalf of the minor child in the mail. Apart from this, NRIs can also invest under this system.

The term can be extended up to 5 years

You can invest a maximum of Rs 417 per day in the public supply fund. There you get interest at 7.1 percent. At the same time, the term of this Post Office PPF account is 15 years. But you can extend it twice in 5 to 5 years. On whose return you also get the benefit of income tax.

How much can you invest annually

Indian Post Office (Post Office) You can invest Rs 1.5 lakh annually, ie Rs 12,500 per month or Rs417 per day in the PPF system. So in 15 years, your total investment will be Rs 22.50 lakh. In this public maintenance fund, you receive 7.1 percent annual interest at the due date and compound interest. In such a situation, at the due date, you will receive an interest rate of Rs 18.18 lakh. That is, you will get 40.68 lakh rupees.

Documents required for account opening

To open an account in the Public Provident Fund system, you must have a voice ID, passport, driver’s license, Aadhar card and PAN card for identity and address. Along with this a fit size photograph should also be there. The process of opening a Post Office PPF account is very simple!

Features of PPF: Post Office Scheme 2022

  • The maximum amount deposited in a PPF account during a financial year is Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • The capital amount, earned interest and maturity amount invested in PPF are all tax-free.
  • The minimum annual investment required to keep the account running is Rs 500.
  • Compound interest is paid annually to the Post’s PPF account on 31 March.

how to get 10 lakh rupees

about any post office (Post Office) K invests Rs 100 every day in PPF, he will receive Rs 3000 in one month, his corpus will be Rs 36,000 annually and Rs 1.80,000 in five years. You will also receive 7.1 percent interest annually on this invested in the Post Office PPF account. That is, if you invest for 15 years, you get Rs 9.76,370. Public supply fund in the Post Office (Public Supply Fund) Account opening is easy!

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