Post Office New Service: Post Office started new service for PPF, NSC, SSY and other post offices, see benefits

Post office New service Post office started new service for PPF, NSC, SSY and other post offices, see benefits India Post has launched a new interactive voicemail service to make it easier for its millions of customers. Customers can use this service (IVR) from their phones. Through this service, customers can use this service to get information about interest received on investment, ATM card lock, issuance of new cards and PPF, NSC etc. This service will help thousands of people in rural areas of the country. They will be able to easily access the information required via their mobile number.

Post office New service


Issued toll-free number (Post office New service,

India Post has also issued a toll-free number to use this service. Now from here you can get detailed information about PPF, NSC, Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana or other systems from IVR (Interactive Voice Response). For this, the customer must call India Post’s toll free number 18002666868 from their registered mobile number.

Savings account holders can also use (Post office New service,

Customers who have a savings account with the postal department can also use the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service. In this they will have all the options. Customers will receive information in both Hindi and English. From here, customers will receive information about account balances. To do this, they must press the number five. You must press 6 to lock the card. After that you have to enter the card number. Then the account number must be entered.

Can also be used for ATMs

For information about ATM, 3 must be pressed. For a new ATM, you must press 2. To change the PIN code for the card, press Hash (#) to repeat the option and star for the previous menu. You need to press 4 to learn more about Poster Saving Product.

What is IVR Service

Interactive Voice Response is a telephone system with voice commands. Through this, customers collaborate. It is used in banks and many other customer services. In this there are the answers to the customers’ questions on the phone itself and there is no reason to go to the branch.

IVR menu:

  • press 1 for hindi
  • press 2 for English
  • Press 5 to request an account balance (all plans)
  • Enter the account number followed by #
  • Press 6 to lock the ATM card
  • press 1 with speed dial
  • press 2 with account number
  • Use customer ID (CIF number) and press 3
  • Press 7 for other services
  • Press 2 for India Post Banking Services (POSB)
  • Press 1 to request or make transactions in your savings account (SB / PPF / SSA)
  • (Enter account number followed by #)

To find out the status of checks issued on your account, press 1! Press 2 to get information about the last four transactions in the account. Press 3 to get information about the account’s specific transactions. Press 4 to find out the earned and paid interest or tax that is deducted from your account! Press 5 to stop paying checks in your account. Press # to repeat the option! Press * to go to the previous menu!

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