Post Office Double Hit Scheme: Scheme will receive 35 lakhs by the due date, see full calculation

Post Office Double Hit Scheme: There are many such systems in the mail and by investing in them you can double your money in a very safe way. If you are also looking for low risk gains or investment options, we’ll tell you about the Gram Suraksha Yojana Post Office. In this you can earn more profit with less risk. So let’s know all about it …

Post Office Double Hit Scheme

Post Office Double Hit

New double meeting schedule for post offices

Today we are talking about the village security program for the post office. India Posts Gram Suraksha Yojana is one such alternative, where good returns can be achieved with low risk. According to the post office Gram Suraksha Yojana, the insurance amount goes together with the bonus to the legal heir / nominee either at the age of 80 or in the event of death.

What are the conditions?

All Indian citizens between the ages of 19 and 55 can take the Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana. Under this system, you can invest as little as Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh. The premium payment for the plan can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. A deadline of 30 days is given to the postal customer to pay the premium. In the event of negligence during the insurance period, the customer can pay the outstanding premium to revive the insurance.

Are there loans as well?

The Gram Suraksha Yojana post office comes with a loan facility, which can be used after four years of purchasing the policy. The customer can choose to leave the insurance after 3 years. But in that case, it will be of no use. The biggest attraction with the post office policy is the bonus offered by India Post and the most recently announced bonus is 65 Rs per 1,000 per year.

profit on maturity?

If you buy 10 lakh Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana at the age of 19, the monthly premium will be Rs 1,515 for 55 years, Rs 1,463 for 58 years and Rs 1,411 for 60 years. Buyers of post office insurance will receive a maturity benefit of Rs 31.60 lakh for 55 years, Rs 33.40 lakh for 58 years. The maturity benefit for 60 years will be 34.60 lakh.

Where do you get the information?

In the event of an update of the nominee’s name or other information such as e-mail ID and mobile number, the customer can contact the nearest post office. For the Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana customer solution, a free helpline 1800 180 5232/155232 or official website postallifeinsurance is provided. You can also contact at

Deposit 1500 per month: Post Office Double Hit

In Post Office Gram Suraksha Yojana you can get more returns with less investment. In this schedule you have to deposit 1500 rupees every month. That is 50 Rs per day. In such a situation, if you deposit this amount regularly at the post office, you can get 31 to 35 lakh rupees as a return in the future.

Learn important rule: Post Office Double Hit

  1. In this, all people between 19 and 55 years can open their account.
  2. The minimum insurance amount in this ranges from Rs 10,000 to Rs 10 lakh.
  3. Premiums will be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.
  4. You can also take out a loan under this system.
  5. If you can opt out of this plan even after three years. However, you will not get any benefit in this situation.

Learn how to get benefits

If someone invests in this post office Gram Suraksha Yojana at the age of 19 and takes an insurance of 10 lakh Rs, then his monthly premium is 1515 Rs for 55 years, 1463 Rs for 58 years. And for 60 years it will be 1411 Rs. . Where the insurer can receive a maturity benefit of Rs 31.60 lakh for 55 years, Rs 33.40 lakh for 58 years and Rs 34.60 lakh for 60 years. The benefit of the system can only be taken out at the post office.

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