Pashu Kisan credit card features: 3 lakh benefits are available in the government’s new system, apply immediately

Pashu Kisan Credit Card Features: the country’s farmers (peasant) There is great news for you! The government is constantly trying to help the farmers financially. Now in this sequence, the government has launched the Pashu Kisan credit card system to double farmers’ incomes. (Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana) It has begun! During this many facilities will be given to the farmers. Tell us about this schedule in detail.

Pashu Kisan credit card features

Pashu Kisan credit card features

Pashu Kisan credit card features

Pashu Kisan credit cards are similar to the Kisan credit card system (KCC) from the Modi government. In this, loans up to a maximum of 3 lakh Rs for cow, buffalo, sheep, goat and poultry farming (loan) Money will be available! Not only this, no guarantee needs to be given to take an amount of up to Rs 1.60 lakh in this.

grassroots farmers (peasant) working to help! The Bankers Committee has assured the government that all eligible applicants will receive the Pashu Kisan credit card system. (Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana) Will benefit! There are thousands of families who have dairy animals and they are tagged. Let us know about this special system for the government!

Loans available up to Rs.3 lakh

According to this, a loan of up to a maximum of 3 lakh Rs is given to the livestock owners to raise cows, buffaloes, sheep and goats. According to the system, a lump sum is given to the farmers, where the recipient receives 4 lakh Rs in one year. Money must be returned with% interest.

How many farmers have applied for this

  • Pashu Kisan credit card to more than 60,000 farmers to date (Pashu Kisan credit card) issued!
  • A loan of approximately SEK 800 million has been granted.
  • According to this system, a loan of up to Rs 40783 is given for the cow.
  • At the same time, a loan of Rs 60249 is available per buffalo!
  • In addition to this, loan amounts are given for goat breeding and poultry breeding.
  • To date, approximately 16 lakh families are associated with animal husbandry in Haryana, of which more than 5 lakh livestock owners have applied.

Apply as follows: Pashu Kisan credit card features

Aadhar card, Pan card is mandatory! After filling out the application form, you must have KYC done. Passport size is also required. A veterinarian can apply by visiting your nearest bank. You will receive an animal credit card within one month of verifying the application form. (Pashu Kisan credit card) will get !

how much money do you get for which animal

  1. Cow: Rs 40,783 per cow will be available!
  2. Buffalo: Rs 60,249 per buffalo will be available! It will be per buffalo!
  3. Sheep: For goats, 4063 Rs per sheep will be available!
  4. Chicken: (for laying eggs) 720 Rs per hen will be given!

Know how much interest will be charged

Pashu Kisan credit card (Pashu Kisan credit card) According to this, pet owners will have to pay 4 percent interest.
There is a provision to give a discount of 3 percent from the state. The loan amount will be up to a maximum of 3 lakh Rs.

Who will benefit from the card

Animals must have a health certificate. Loans will be available on the animals that will be insured. It should be okay to take out a civil loan! Must be a resident of Haryana!

How much money you will get: Pashu Kisan credit card features

No guarantee is required for a loan of 1.60 lakh. 60 249 rupees per buffalo! 40 783 per ko! 4063 rupees will be available for sheep and goats! A loan of Rs 720 will be given to the chicken (to lay eggs).

According to Minister of Agriculture JP Dalal, the government has decided to issue this card to 8 lakh cattle farmers. Along with agriculture, farmers’ incomes also increased from allied sectors, where animal husbandry is an important sector. Support is given on animal credit cards in the form of loans for animal husbandry, whose maximum limit is 3 lakh. Pashu Kisan credit card system (Pashu Kisan Credit Card Yojana) Under the card is issued according to the number of animals. The card will be available within one month after KYC has been made by the bank and the verification of the application form.

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