Parineetichopra had to deal with embarrassment at the crowded gathering when the light started to show on the clothes ………

It is not possible to talk about Bollywood and not talk about fashion. Bollywood actors often fall victim to such moments in their fashion relationship, because of which they have to face embarrassment. Actress Parineeti Chopra fell victim to such a moment.

Let me tell you that once Parineeti Chopra arrived at a party where she had gone wearing such a top, in which as soon as the light fell, the underwear she was wearing inside her top could be seen. Let me tell you that actress Parineeti Chopra once arrived at the birthday party of the famous Bollywood fashion designer Manisha Malhotra. Where he had fallen victim to shameful moments. When Parineetti arrived at the party and as soon as the light fell on her top, her underwear started to show, which made her ashamed throughout the party.

Let me tell you – this is not the first time that Parineeti has come to the fore because of the moment of its rise. Even before that, the actress has faced such a situation many times. It is characteristic that Parineeti arrived at the party wearing a black and white heart-shaped top.

At the party, when photographers started taking pictures of Parineeti and the photographer’s camera light fell on the top of the Parineeti, by the way, the top of the Parineeti became transparent, which made the underwear appear below the top. . Parineeti wore green pants with this top.

Let me tell you that this appearance of Parineeti became so viral and exposed that even the appearance of any of her short dresses would not be successful. Let me tell you that Parineeti was completely unaware of this fashion and did not know at all that photos of her were coming out.

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