Operation Green Plan 2022: Farmers received financial benefits under Operation Green Plan, know how

Operation Green Plan 2022: The shutdown during the Corona period has shaken the country’s economy badly. From food to drink, the prices of all goods, vehicles, gold and silver increase day by day. Farmers make henna all day, but due to the deteriorating economic situation in the country, they do not get the right price for these fruits and vegetables. Operation Green Planning Mission 2022 (Operation Green Mission 2022) which could not be achieved due to the lock and was also spoiled. This Operation Green Plan of the Central Government 2022 (Operation Green Scheme) farmers will be able to receive benefits in the right dimension.

Operation Green Plan 2022


Operation Green Plan 2022 – The government has announced to give more decisions to the farmers by expanding the scope of Operation Hare, which was started earlier to save the farmers from the economic market. Now the Isamen type of fruit and vegetables has been added, so that more and more farmers get it. Tell in detail what changes the government has made to the problem, how the farmers will benefit from it.

Operation Green Scheme 2022

Operation Green Mission 2022 – So far, the Potato Onion Ivan Tomato has been placed by the government in Operation Green. To increase the production of these vegetables, the government had started Operation Hara. In order for the farmer to get the right price in the production of vegetables. The government also helps the farmers financially to keep it and pass on lies. In view of the farmers’ meeting, Operation Green Scheme 2022 was launched by the central government.Operation Green Scheme 2022The main purpose of) is to give rise to the top culture.

Operation Green Scheme 2022

Operation Green Planning Mission 2022 – It was launched in Uttar Pradesh from 1 July 2001. Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Plan 2022Within the framework of this, work will be done to promote various agricultural production organizations as well as agricultural councils, cultural facilities and professional management. The benefits of this system will be given to the farmers on a large scale, which has also been done to include 22 agricultural production, although so far there will only be so much in Operation Green Plan 2021. Operation Hare has been started with someone’s hit, after which some of the most important benefits will be killed by the outbreak for the peasants.

Operation Green Plan 2022

Operation Green Plan 2022 – Immediate help will be provided. The biggest advantage of Operation Green Scheme 2022 will be that the farmer will not be able to sell them at any stage at a low price. Using this system will help prevent fluctuations in the root of the phase, so that farmers will be able to buy fake seeds from the crop at the right price. To increase the production of potatoes, tomatoes and love in the country and double the income for the farmers, the government has carried out the mission Operation Green Plan on the directional building until the year 2022.

Operation Green Scheme 2022 Details

During this Operation Green Plan Mission 2022, work will also be done to refine and connect top production class and Efpio to these markets, as there will be no intermediary intervention. And by doing this, the price will not increase in the production stage of the farmers and the farmers will also get the higher price on their step. Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Scheme 2022) under the farmer’s lie, more than 470 online Krishi Seva Kendras will soon die by starting tax.

Operation Green Planning Mission 2022

Given the issue of getting farmers out of the market first, Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Scheme 2022Under this system, 22,000 new agricultural markets will be developed. A complete series will be developed in this system, which will provide information related to climate-related lies to avoid natural disasters and relief to farmers from time to time.

Given the seriousness of the corona epidemic, the government has launched Operation Green (Operation Green).Operation GreenIn addition to tomatoes, love and potatoes, other vegetables and fruits have also been announced as Isamen added. This change has taken place in order to get the farmers out of the economic loss.

What is Operation Green Plan Mission Crops

Still Operation Green Plan 2022 In this only tomatoes, onions and potatoes or TOP were kept. Now 18 more vegetables and fruits have been found in it. With information about this, Union Food Processing Industries Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal said that now Operation Green (Operation Green10 fruits and 8 vegetables are included in it. Now add the banana, kiwi, guava, mango, orange, papaya, lychee, pomegranate, jackfruit and pineapple to the fruits.

Along with this, beans, carrots, peppers, brinjal, cauliflower, okra and bitter gourd are also included in vegetables. The Minister has also announced that the government will in future expand the scope of this system under Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Mission 2022), so that other fruits and vegetables can also be included in it.

States covered by Operation Green Plan

Operation Green Plan 2022 – Has been implemented in only a few states, but in 2022 this Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Mission 2022) has been updated and announced, the list of states below will also be included soon. The government has recently announced the budget to benefit from this Operation Green Scheme 2022 in these states.

  • tomato-producing states
    Andhra Pradesh
  • Onion-producing states
  • Potato-producing states
    a state in eastern India
    Uttar Pradesh
    West Bengal
    Madhya Pradesh
    Apart from all this, the state of Punjab has been described as a production cluster area.

Operation Green Plan 2022 – Even today, farmers cannot take their fruits and vegetables from one world to another during the corona period. The transport service is closed all the time, the private vehicle entails large costs for the farmers. This Operation Green Plan 2022 (Operation Green Mission 2022The government has come up with this system instead of helping such farmers. At the time of Lokdown, the peasants’ feet were destroyed in a big way, in some places they were forced to be at work.

Operation Green Mission 2022 Operation Green Mission According to this, if the farmers now go to take the lie of selling you crops, fruits, vegetables from one jug to another, then the government will now enjoy 50 percent of the transportation service to them. This means that the farmer can now take the step of selling the second jug at a lower cost, as he will make more profit.

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