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We will tell you about NREGA Job Card through this article, how to apply for NREGA Job Card, how you will be able to see their list, if you are a migrant worker or working under the NREGA system, you will get this information . It must be remembered that all workers will benefit greatly from this system, so read this article carefully.

If you are also a migrant worker or work under the NREGA system. So you should know that Nrega Job Card List 2022 has been released. Under this system, all workers in India will receive benefits under this system.

NREGA job card list 2022

NREGA Job Cards Workers who have government work as roads or sewers are made, then money is sent to the NREGA job card holder according to this schedule on their account, in your panchayats, most of the work nowadays falls under NREGA. So let us know how you will be able to verify your name whether your NREGA job card is yours or not, its list has been officially released.

scheduled name NREGA job card list 2022
Status Active
turned on The central administration
The goal of the plan All workers will be employed
Department name Rural Department Ministry of Government
Official website click here
NREGA job card list 2022

NREGA job card – The purpose of the job card

The only purpose of NREGA job cards is to provide employment to the unemployed who live in the village. Can get more information related to NREGA job cards from the official website

Documents for NREGA job cards

It is necessary to have some or other authorization for all types of systems, in the same way the authorization for the following for NREGA job card holders and documents should be available with those who

  • Ration card
  • mobile number
  • proof of residence
  • Birth certificate
  • proof of income
  • Aadhar card
  • The applicant must be a citizen of India
  • It is necessary to have an account in any bank in the name of the applicant

Nrega job card list 2022

Unemployment is very high in India, we all know, but for a small relief, those who have a work card can easily get small expenses from home, job card holders can take the following benefits

  • Because they have NREGA work cards, workers will be employed in the village.
  • You must stay in your home by being connected to this system.
  • who can take care of your family
  • easy job
  • Business card holders can easily handle the small expenses of their home.
  • You can take employment in this system even without writing.
  • Job cards are also an important document officially.
  • You can use it anywhere to show your identity
  • Job card holders are not created every year

How to Apply for a NREGA Job Card-MNREGA Job Card

If you want to get a NREGA work card, you should first and foremost have its authorization, after that you can apply for a new work card through the following methods

  • You must apply offline for a work card
  • NREGA job cards that were previously known as MNREGA job cards To create a new card, it is necessary to have the NREGA job card application form first.
  • As you can download from here or you can also get information from your boss or the village of kachari sarpanch.
  • He will help you get a new work card
  • Once you have received the application form, fill in the requested information carefully
  • attach the necessary documents with it
  • Give the application form to the manager in your village or to the manager

How to view the Nrega Job Card List 2022

If you have applied for a NREGA job card before, regardless of whether your name has appeared in the list or not, read the instructions step by step below

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development

step 2: After going here, on the website, click on the report

Step 3: Enter the captcha code after clicking the report button

Step 4: Enter year and enter the name of the year you want to see the job card list

Step 5After that, you will see the complete list of job cards

So this way you can see the list of job cards

Check the status of the Nrega Job Card 2022

If you have problems downloading or viewing your NREGA job card list, follow the instructions below

  • Go to this site first and foremost
  • After going here and clicking the Report button, the next page will open
  • Click on the job card link, the list of all states will appear in front of you.
  • Click on the state where you hold the job card
  • After clicking, the next page opens where you have to fill in all the information
  • After that, the name of all the job card holders in the Panchayat will appear in front of you.
  • You can download the job card by clicking on your name


What is a work card?

Job card is a key document that registers workers’ rights according to MGNREGA. It legally gives registered households the power to apply for work, ensures transparency and protects workers from fraud.

How are households defined in NREGA?

“Household” means members of a family who are related by blood, marriage or adoption and who normally live together and share meals or have a common ration card.

Who can apply for a job card registration?

A household with adult members who want to apply for unqualified employment in MGNREGA can apply for registration.

How often are job cards registered?

the whole year

Who should apply for a work card on behalf of a household?

All adult members can apply on behalf of the Household.

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