Nora Fatehi came to India with five thousand in her pocket, dreams in her eyes and courage in her chest.

Nora Fatehi had to go a long and difficult way to succeed and after that these beauties rule millions of hearts today.

Sapane unheen ke poore hote hain, jinake sapanon mein jaan hotee hai

Pankhon se kuchh nahin hota, haunsalo se udaan hotee hai

Whoever said this thing at sixteen is true. And this thing fits Nora Fatehi perfectly. Nora, by whose power she came to India miles away, was her dream and her courage. He gave all his strength to fulfill it. A long struggle is hidden behind the image of Nora Fatehi’s current success. Nora Fatehi is a big name in Bollywood today. Whether it’s music videos, reality shows or movies. Nora is now visible everywhere. But did all this happen overnight? No N Nora Fatehi had to go a long, hard way to get it and after that, this beautiful lady rules hundreds of hearts today.

India had brought 5 thousand

Nora Fatehi spoke openly about the phase of her fight in an interview. He had said that when he came to India, he had only 5 thousand rupees. He thought then that things would be very easy, he would go to India and work and gain a lot of fame and fortune. But when he started looking for a job in Bollywood, then he faced reality. Audition from morning until night and then rejections. The biggest problem was his language. Nora did not know Hindi and during the audition, the broken Hindi made her feel weak. Then Nora tried to learn Hindi. But again, not everything is easy.

Hindi was used to make fun of

Nora Hindi tried to speak. But he could not fully understand. However, they deliberately gave her Hindi scripts for audition. When she spoke Hindi, people made fun of her. As this happened, Nora’s courage began to respond. But Nora had something else. This was his ability that no one could take away from him and the other was his courage. Nora believed in these two things and after many years of struggle came the opportunity she was looking for. Nora’s work in Salman Khan’s Bharat had already been noticed, but then a movie in 2018 changed its fate.

The song Dilbar becomes the queen of dance

In 2018, the Dilbar Song by Satyamev Jayate was released. When this song was being shot, no one knew it was going to make history. But this power was realized on the very first day of its release. The song was a great success. This song stayed on YouTube for a whole year. And seeing this, the reel of this song started to become on social media. People went crazy with Nora’s dance and started following her step. That is, the same spirits and the same dreams that Nora from Morocco had brought with her made her life.

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