National Pension Scheme New update: Invest in this pension system, 27 thousand rupees will be available every month

National pension system New update: Employees in the private sector can also easily receive a monthly pension at retirement age. (Pension) can arrange! Private jobseekers Often Retirement National pension system (National pension system) Let’s delay! However, the general pension system is an option that can be included sooner or later. It is a contribution-financed pension system. This is the best pension plan for long-term investment goals. There is a large pension fund to invest in NPS.

National pension system New update

National pension system New update

National pension system New update

You can buy the National Pension System with the help of any bank, post office or insurance company. To buy the National Pension System (NPS), you must buy at least 40 percent of the annuity. The more annuities you buy, the more pension you will receive later. (Pension) Just like the more money you get! This money will be given after you turn 60 years old.

The National Pension System says that it is very important to do proper investment planning for a secure future. Many times people try to raise money for their old age. But sometimes due to lack of the right information, they can not invest in the right place. By doing this, the future is not secure either and the risk of losing money also increases. If you are also bothered by your old age, you can go through the pension system we mention. (Pension insurance) You can invest in This is the National Pension Scheme (NPS). This is a system run by the government, so the risk of risk in it is low.

What is the national pension system

This national pension system is run by the Government of India. (National pension system) A very good plan for a better future for the country’s citizens! It has been named the National Pension Scheme. All government to private sector employees can invest in this system (private sector employees). One can invest in this National Pension Scheme (NPS) for a long time. After this, you will receive a huge corpus at once (pension fund) at your retirement age! Along with this, you also receive a certain pension amount each month from the state.

NPS cheapest pension plan

Certified financial planner Taresh Bhatia says all citizens of India can apply for the national pension system (National pension system) Can join! NRIs can not invest in this! NPS can be used online-offline. You can take it via the bank! Very flexible and easy to use! NPS is a highly regulated and low-cost system. This is the world’s cheapest pension (Pension) The plan! It only takes 0.1 percent! The power of putting together also benefits!

Who will receive the benefit of the system – benefits from the general pension system

The age for applying for this state pension system is 18 to 40 years. This system has started only for small businesses, if a businessman pays income tax, he can not apply in this pension system. Only business people who are not income taxpayers can benefit from this national pension system (NPS).

How much money do you get: The national pension system New update

If you invest Rs 10,000 every month in the general pension system (National pension system) So you will get this money after 25 years and after you turn 60! You will receive a total accumulated capital of Rs. 1,20,000 in one year! After 25 years, the total amount was Rs 30 lakhs. In this you get a return of about 10 percent! Your total body maturity will be Rs 1.33 crores. In this, the annuity purchase will be 40%, on which there will also be an annuity of 6%. You will receive a pension of approximately 26,758 Rs after 60! Apart from this, you also get a lump sum of about 80.27 lakh Rs! If your deposit amount is more per month, you will get more money!


Opening an account online is easy if you link your account to your PAN, Aadhar and / or mobile number. You can validate the registration using the OTP sent to your mobile. After this, you will receive a PRAN (Permanent Retirement Account Number) with the help of which you can log in to the National Pension System.

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