MP Board Class 10 Maths Varshik Paper 2022 – Memorize this question for Class 10th Maths Annual Paper

MP board Class 10th Maths Varshik Paper 2022: – Class X Mathematics Thesis (10th Maths Varshik Paper) How it will come and how to prepare for the Class 10th Maths Board Paper, if you search on Google about what questions may come in the Class 10th Maths Annual Paper, then you have come to the right place because the students, we are here for you . In the post, we have included some important questions for the 10th grade mathematics thesis, solve this question and see.

MP Board Class 10 Maths Varshik Paper 2022 - Memorize this question for Class 10th Maths Annual Paper
MP Board Class 10 Maths Varshik Paper 2022 – Memorize this question for Class 10th Maths Annual Paper

Because you can not memorize the questions in the math essay, if you memorize the questions you will forget, so you should know how to solve the questions, how to solve the questions, what method will be used in which question, you should know Therefore, the question that is most important chance to appear in the magazine, revise these issues well so that you do not forget.

MP Board Class 10th Maths final paper 2022 – Memorize this question for Class 10th Maths year paper

Question 1. Choose the correct option and type –

  1. HCF for 12 and 15 will be –
  2. 3 (b) 4 (c) 10 (d) 5

2. The zero of the linear polynomial axis + b will be –

  1. b / a (b) a / b (c) -b / a (d) ab

3. Which term of 3,6,9, …… 27-

  1. fifth (b) eighth (c) ninth (d) sixth

4. The coordinates of the origin are

  1. (x, y) (b) (x, 0) (c) (0, y) (d) (0.0)

5. If the common joint and the area of ​​a circle are numerically equal, then the radius of the circle is

  1. 2 units (b) units (c) 4 units (d) 7 units

6. What will be the average of the first five whole numbers-

  1. 2 (b) 3 (c) 6 (d) 5

Answer- 1. (a) 3, 2. (c) -b / a, 3. (c) new, 4. (d) (0,0), 5. (a) 2 units, 6. (a) 2

Question 2 Fill in the blanks

  1. In the equation 2x + y = k, if x = 2, y = 1 then the value of k is ……….
  2. Factor = Divisor × Quotient + ………
  3. All classes ………. There is.
  4. The line that intersects the circle at two points is called ………. it is said.
  5. menar = …………………
  6. The value of the probability is always between ……….
  7. The probability of an impossible event is ……….

Answer – 1. 5, 2. Remaining, 3. Similar, 4. Intersection line, 5.∑f (x) / f, 6. 0 and 1, 7. Zero

Question 3 Match the correct pair

  1. Too bad. – (i) 3
  2. Sec .cos. – (ii) perpendicular / hypotenuse
  3. brown 30 ° – (iii) 1
  4. Cot. – (iv) 1 / √3
  5. sec (90 ° -). – (v) (cosec2θ – 1)
  6. brown 60 °. – (vi) Cosec

Answer- 1.- (ii), 2. – (iii), 3.- (iv), 4. – (v), 5.- (vi), 6.- (i)

Question 4 Write the answer in a sentence.

  1. Write HCF for 94 and 404.
  2. What is the line that touches a circle at a point called?
  3. Write the formula for the sector of the circle.
  4. What is the strength of a quadratic polynomial?
  5. If the root of a quadratic equation is real and equal, then what will be the value of the discriminator in that equation?
  6. Write the formula for the curved surface of the cylinder.
  7. Write the formula for the entire surface of the cube.

Answer- 1. 2, 2. Tangent, 3. r2.θ / 360 °, 4. 2, 5. Zero, 6. 2πrh, 7. 2 [ lb+bh+hl ]

Question 5. Write True / False

  1. ax + b = 0 is a quadratic equation.
  2. A linear equation in two variables has many solutions.
  3. If a, b, c are in AR, then b = a + c / 2.
  4. A polynomial of degree n can have a maximum of n zeros.
  5. In a right-angled triangle, the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the difference between the squares on the other two sides.
  6. The distance of the point p (x, y) from the origin is (x2 + y2).

Answer- 1. False, 2. True, 3. True, 4. True, 5. False, 6. True

Question 6. Find HCF and LCM for 6 and 20 with the prime factorization method.


Find HCF for integers 12, 15 and 21 by division method.

Question 7. Find a square polynomial whose sum and product of zeros are -1/4 and 1/4, respectively.


Find a square polynomial whose sum and product of Sunni’s numbers are 2 and 1/3.

Question 8. How many double-digit numbers are divisible by 3.


Which term in AP 3,8,13,18 ……… .. is 78?

Question 9. In the figure DE || BC, AD = 4 cm. DB = 3 cm. and BC = 10.5 cm. If so, find the measure of DE.


Prove that if a line is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle to intersect the other two sides at different points, then the other two sides are divided in the same ratio.

Question 10 Find the distance between points (-5, 7) and (-1, 3).


Find the value of k if the points A (2,3), B (4, k) and C (6, -3) are collinear.

Question 11. Find a relationship between x and y so that the point (x, y) is equal to the points (7, 1) and (3, 5).


Find the distance between points (a, b) and (-a, -b).

Question 12. If tan A = 4/3, find the value of its A.


If tan A = cot B, then prove that A + B = 90 °

Question 13. 6 cm. Find the area of ​​a sector of a circle with a radius of 60 °.


The radii of two circles are 8 cm respectively. and 6 cm. Find the radius of the circle whose area is equal to the sum of the area of ​​these two circles.

Question 14 Suppose we roll a dice once. (i) What is the probability of getting a number greater than 4? (ii) What is the probability of getting a number less than or equal to 4?


If P (E) = 0.05, then what is the probability that E is not?

Question 15. A group of 20 light bulbs has 4 defective light bulbs, one light bulb is randomly drawn from the group, what is the probability that this light bulb is defective.


One bag contains 3 red and 5 black balls. If a ball is randomly drawn from this bag, what is the probability that the ball is (i) red (ii) not red.

Question 16. Find the roots of the quadratic equation 2 × 2 – 7x + 3 = 0.


Find the value of the ki quadratic equation 2 × 2 + kx + 3 = 0 so that the equation has two equal roots.

Question 17. If the third and ninth terms in an AP are 4 and -8, respectively, which term is zero.


Find the 31st term in AP whose 11th term is 38 and the 16th term is 73.

Question 18 In figure PS / SQ = PT / TR and PST = PQR Prove that PQR is an equilateral triangle.


In Figure AD BC Prove that AB 2 + CD 2 = BD2 + AC2.

Question 19. Prove that keys drawn from an outer point to a circle are equal in length.


The radii of two concentric circles are 5 cm. and 3 cm. Find the length of the chord for the larger circle that touches the smaller circle.

Question 20. Solve the linear equation pair 3x + 5y – 8 = 0, 9x = 2y + 7 with elimination method.


For which values ​​of k the following equation pair has no solution 3x + y = 1 and (2k – 1) x + (k-1) y = 2k + 1

Question 21. Construct a triangle with the sides 5 cm, 6 cm and 7 cm and then another triangle similar to the one whose sides are 7/5 times the corresponding sides in the given triangle.


Construct a triangle ABC where BC = 6 cm, AB = 5 cm and ABC = 60 ° Then construct a triangle whose sides are 3/4 times the corresponding sides in the triangle ABC.

Question 22. Two cubes each with a volume of 64 cm3 so that the adjacent surfaces join to form a solid, find the surface area of ​​the cube obtained from it.


18 m with a diameter of 1 cm. The long thread is stretched and transformed into a thread with an even width of 18 m. Find out the thickness of the thread.

Question 23. The following is the distribution of daily wages for 50 major workers in a factory.

Find the average daily wage for the workers at this factory.


If the mean of the following distribution is 28.5, find the values ​​for x and y.

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