MP board 12th Hindi Varshik paper 2022- Memorize this question for class 12th Hindi paper

MP board 12th Hindi Varshik paper 2022 – MP Board Class 12th Hindi Annual Paper (12th Hindi Varshik Paper ) will be on February 19, so all students search on google for class 12th Hindi year paper, then students do not need to stress up because we will give you some important questions for class 10th Hindi year paper in this post You must read these questions

MP board 12th Hindi Varshik paper 2022- Memorize this question for class 12th Hindi paper
MP board 12th Hindi Varshik paper 2022- Memorize this question for class 12th Hindi paper

Model paper 2021-22

Class – 12th


Time- 03:00 Hour Integer-80


  1. All questions are mandatory.
  2. Answer the questions according to the instructions.
  3. Question numbers 1 to 5 are questions of an objective type. For which 1 × 32 markings are fixed.
  4. Question number 6 to 15 each question has 2 points, the word limit is 30 words.
  5. Question numbers 16 to 19 have 3 points each. The word limit is 75 words.
  6. Question numbers 20 to 23 have 4 points each. The word limit is 120 words.

Question 1. Choose the correct option and type –

(I) What is the poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan carrying around in frenzy?

(A) Opportunity (B) Depression (C) Feeling (D) Ehsaan

(ii) According to Tulsida, who can put out the fire in the stomach?

(A) Baniya (B) Bonde (C) Ram (D) Mazdoor

(iii) Where did the devotee come from?

(A) Jhansi (B) Jhunsi (C) Jhunjhun (D) Jhalawar

(iv) The ideal var Yashodhara Babus

(A) Janadin (B) Bhushan (C) Kishananda (D) Girish

(v) The experts commenting on cricket are

(A) Virat Kohli (B) Mahendra Dhoni (C) Jasdev Singh (D) Kapil Dev

(vi) Radio drama does not contain

(A) Scene (B) Dialogue (C) Character (D) Sound

Answer- (i) (b) Depression, (ii) (c) Ram (iii) (b) Jhusi, (iv) (c) Kishananda, (v) (c) Jasdev Singh, (vi) (a) Visual

Question 2. Fill in the blanks.

(i) On the basis of meaning, sentences of ………….

(ii) First of all to bow to the riot.

(iii) The beginning of experimentalism is considered to be from the sun …….

(iv) The silence that prevails in the night expresses its ……… ..

(v) The long road to Mohenjodaro is now ………… long.

(vi) The story is ………… .. a part of our lives.

(vii) The root cause of voltage is called ………….

Answer- (i) eight, (ii) drums, (iii) 1946 (iv) pain (v) half a mile, (vi) integral, (vii) vibhava

Question 3. Match the right pair

(i) Anand Yadav – (a) bachelor

(ii) Feature Writing – (B) Champu-poetry

(iii) Kishan Da – (c) To be thirteen years old

(iv) Acharya Vishwanath – (d) Dom

(v) Siddharaj – (e) Narrative style

(vi) Crushing – (f) Rasakya Vakyam Kavyam

Answer- (i) – (d), (ii) – (e), (iii) – (a), (iv) – (f), (v) – (b), (vi) – (c)

Question 4. Write the answer in a word or in a sentence.

(i) What does it mean to tax all households one by one?

(ii) What is the true form of brotherhood?

(iii) Who has victory over the conscious versus wealth over man?

(iv) What was the name of Anand’s father?

(v) What is the name of the live broadcast of news from the stage?

(vi) What does it mean to snatch up the dead bodies?

(vii) In which region is the Bagheli dialect spoken?

Answer- (i) Do not maintain discrimination (ii) Democracy, (iii) Root (iv) Ratnappa (v) Live, (vi) Remember old things, (vii) Balaghat

Question 5. Write True / False

(i) Waking up from sleep, the Kumbhaks looked like Ravana.

(ii) Shirish is a wonderful Avadhoot.

(iii) The ancient king of Shyam Nagar hated riots and hunting.

(iv) Doha is an alphabetical verse.

(v) Race is called the soul of poetry.

(vi) Hindi is the national language of India.

Answer- (i) False (ii) True, (iii) False, (iv) False, (v) True, (vi) True

Question 6. ‘The disabled in the camera’ is a cruelty poem hidden in the mask of compassion, explain the meaning.


Why does the poet cry silently?

Question 7. What is meant by “smelling without fading”?


What does the poet mean by the word form growing?

Question 8. Why did Bhakti hide his real name from people?


What is the direct way to escape the clutches of market magic?

Question 9 How has the caste system been a cause of unemployment and hunger in Indian society? Is this still the case today?


In what season does the Shirish flower lose its beauty?

Q10 Why did Yashodhara Pant call Kishan Das’ neighborhood a mess?


What is a cold flower called? And why?

Question 11 What are the main means of mass communication?


Write two reasons for the popularity of electronic media.

Question 12 Write the names of its parts called rasa.


Write the definition of couplet verse with examples.

Question 13 Write an example of Oj Guna


Give an example of doubt.

Question 14 What is a dialect called?


Make a difference between idioms and proverbs.

Question 15 Name the dialects spoken in Madhya Pradesh.


Who calls Nipat?

Question 16 Write the literary introduction by Goswami Tulsidas or Harivansh Rai Bachchan based on the following points.

(A) Two compositions (B) Bhava Paksha-Kala Paksha (C) Place in the literature

Question 17. Write the literary introduction of Hazari Prasad Dwivedi or Mahadevi Verma on the basis of the following points-

(a) two compositions (b) linguistic style (c) place in the literature

Question 18 Write the meaning of the following idiom and use it in a sentence:

(i) Displays a lamp for the blind

(ii) placing a stone on the liver

(iii) ear filling


Correct the following sentences-

(i) It was a large audience.

(ii) Children played on the field.

(iii) Here is saffron milk slice.

Question 19. Read the following unread paragraph or paragraph and answer the given questions.

“Man is society’s best fruit. Society and circumstances form the author’s personality. The feeling of an author is a product of society and circumstances. The name of the collective knowledge fund is literature. Literature and society are interdependent. Literature is society’s mirror. The environment as a person living in also affects him.A writer can not run blindly on behalf of society.Literature which is the mirror of society also reflects the picture of contemporary situations.It is a writer’s duty to present a true picture of his country’s time and circumstances and fill it with the colors of the rainbow of imagination.


i. What is the duty of an author?

ii. Write a proper heading on the section.

iii. Write a summary of the appropriate paragraph.


“There are opportunities, there is a golden age, do not lose it in ignorance,

In Rangrelio, in tantrums, in fun, in arbitrariness ..

Young man, take the reins of the world in your hardest treasures,

Established humanity in the watch of the barbaric evil.

To the hypocrites who are affected by the ruined land by making arrogance,

Compassion, peace, affection, happiness, outside, in your home.

Provide protection to the Dalits with the flames of youth.

At your feet the wounded world breathed reassurance.


i. “Occasion is the golden age, what occasion has been called the golden age of the poet?

ii. In whose hands do the reins of the world fit and why?

iii. “Give Abhaydan Pad to the Dalits, explain the meaning of the line.

Question 20. Write the meaning of the following paragraph with context –

“I carry the weight of world life,

Still, I walk with love in life.

Has anyone touched jhankrit gin,

I walk with two strings of breath.


“The field shall not be given to the farmer, nor to the beggar,

Sacrifice Banik to Banij, not Chakars Chakri

People without livelihoods just think,

Where’s the curry? “

Question 21. Explain the following paragraph with its context.

The world’s simplest creatures have come out of Avadhuta’s mouth. Kabir was very similar to Shirish, cool and carefree, but sarcastic and narcissistic. Kalidas must also have been an unbound yogi. The flowers of Shirish can only be produced by fun and “Meghdoot”. Poetry by the same type can emerge in the free heart of the independent, unbound.


“There is a magic in the market. He works like a magic eye. It is the magic of form, just as the magic of a magnet works on iron, likewise this magic has its limits. It is only in such a state that the pocket is full and the mind is empty, magic has a lot of effect. Even if the pocket is empty and the mind is not full, the magic will work. If the mind is empty, the invitation from many things in the market will reach it. If the pocket is full at that time, whose mind will it then to obey?

Question 22. Write an application to the Secretary, Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal for the second copy of the score sheet.


Write a letter to the district collector prohibiting the use of speakers during the exam period.

Question 23. Essay writing

  1. Clean India Movement
  2. symptoms and treatment of corona epidemic
  3. the importance of the newspaper
  4. Women’s autonomy.

Note- This class 12th model paper has been prepared with the drawing and syllabus in mind, all questions listed in it are important, must remember them. And apart from that, keep up the good work.

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