MP board 11th Chemistry final paper 2022 – Class 11 Chemistry annual paper comes on 28 March

MP board 11th Chemistry final paper 2022- The Class 11th Chemistry Annual Paper (11th Chemistry final paper 2022) will be held on March 28, so most of the students studying in Class 11 would search Google for the Class 11 Chemistry thesis, so students if you also want to know that How will Class 11th Chemistry Annual Paper 2022 come, then you have come to the right place, students, this post will be very important for all students in class 11, so you must read this post.

MP board 11th Chemistry final paper 2022 - Class 11 Chemistry annual paper comes on 28 March
MP board 11th Chemistry final paper 2022 – Class 11 Chemistry annual paper comes on 28 March

MP Board Class 11th Final Paper 2022- Class 11 Chemistry Annual Paper 2022

The final exams for students in class 11 who study in the MP Board are in progress, so according to the schedule for class 11 issued by the Directorate for Public Education, the class 11th year thesis will be held on March 28, 2022, for more information you can see the timetable.

11th timetable PDF

MP board 11th Chemistry final paper 2022 – Class 11 Chemistry annual paper comes on 28 March

Set – A

Class – 11th

Subject – Chemistry

Time- 03:00 hour round- 70


  1. All questions are mandatory.
  2. Answer the questions according to the instructions.
  3. Questions 1 to 4 are questions of an objective type. For which 1 × 28 markings are fixed.
  4. Question numbers 5 to 12 have 2 points each. The word limit is 30 words.
  5. Question numbers 13 to 16 have 3 points each. The word limit is 75 words.
  6. Question number 17 is on 4 points. The word limit is 120 words.
  7. Question numbers 18 to 19 are 5 points each. The word limit is 150 words.

Question 1. Choose the correct option and write

  1. The number of molecules in 16 grams of oxygen is as many as
  1. and 15g CO
  2. 28g and N2
  3. and 30g NO
  4. and 1g H2

2. The radiation with the highest wavelength is

  1. infrared
  2. X-rays
  3. radio waves
  4. UV waves

3. Isotopes have the same number of… ..

  1. proton
  2. neutron
  3. protons and neutrons
  4. no most

4. The largest ion radius is

  1. C4- (b) O2- (c) N3- (d) Mg2 +

5. The strongest oxidizing agent is –

(a) F2 (b) Cl2 (c) Br2 (d) I2

6. Whose electron affinity will be highest

(a) F (b) Cl (c) Br (d) I

7. Lewis acid is

  1. NH2 (b) HOH (c) SO3 (d)

Answer- i. D, ii. c, iii. a, iv. a, v. a, vi. b, vii. c.

Question 2 Fill in the blanks

  1. The binding dissociation energy is ……… .. of the binding order.
  2. The shape of the PF5 molecule is ……… ..
  3. Entropy is a measure of a system ……… ..
  4. The total energy of an isolated device remains ……….
  5. The valence of carbon in diamond is ………………….
  6. The size of the colony CH3 is ………… ..
  7. Hydrogen shows an inductive effect.

Answer- 1. Proportional, 2. Triangular bipyramidal, 3. Order, 4. Fixed 5. 4, 6. Bipyramidal, 7. Zero

Question 3 Match the right pair

  1. pressure (a) solid CO2
  2. Molarity (b) Pascal
  3. photoelectricity (c) both oxidizing and reducing
  4. alkali metals (d) mol / liter
  5. Na + NH3 (e) CS
  6. torris (f) bute – 2 – inch
  7. Geometric isomerism (g) dark blue solution

Answer – 1. – b, 2. – d, 3. – e, 4. – c, 5. – g, 6. – a, 7. – f

Question 4 Write the answer in a word or a sentence –

  1. What is used as a moderator in nuclear reactors?
  2. What is palladium hydrogen adsorption called?
  3. In which method is calcium used in hydrolysis?
  4. What is the displacement of electrons in a multiple bond called?
  5. Write an isomer of propanol.
  6. How does acetylene react with ammonia silver nitrate?
  7. What is the effect of silver powder on iodoform?

Answer- 1. Graphide and cadmium rods, 2. Superposition, 3. Clarke method, 4. Electromeric effect, 5. Acetone, 6. Acidic properties, 7. C2H2

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Note – This model paper of class 11th chemistry has been prepared on the basis of a drawing, in the same way the pattern for your class 11th year essay will remain, through this model paper you can understand and all the questions asked in it for class 11: e years. Paper is important so you need to make these.

Class 11 Chemistry final thesis 2022- Prepare or not with question bank

There must be a question that pops into the students’ heads about whether or not they should prepare for the 11th grade chemistry thesis from the question bank, then I will answer this question for your students, as you all know Directorate of Public Instructions test preparations. But in those newspapers very few questions are asked from the question bank, some question papers show more questions from the question bank, then in some question papers. Very few questions are asked so you should prepare for class 11th chemistry paper considering your syllabus and drawing, is not at all dependent on the question bank.

Note – Students, how did you like this post about class 11th year chemistry thesis, tell us in the comments and share it with your friends.

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