MP Board 10th Social Science Paper 2022 Target Question- Class X Social Science Target Question

MP board 10th Social Science target issue SEK 2022 Students today in this post we will tell objective questions (10th Social Science Paper 2022 Target Question) for class 10th Social Science Annual Paper as you all know, the next essay from MP Board Class 10th students is about social science and all students’ preparations are going well

MP Board 10th Social Science Paper 2022 Target Question- Class X Social Science Target Question
MP Board 10th Social Science Paper 2022 Target Question- Class X Social Science Target Question

But to prepare objective questions, we have included some important correct options, empty space, the right pair, answers in one sentence, true truth, all kinds of objective questions for you, so you need to read this post very carefully so that you can do your own Get good grades in questions of the objective type.

MP board 10th Social Science varshik Paper 2022 Goal question- Class 10th Social Science Goal question 2022

class 10

Subject social sciences

(1) Resources and development

• Select the correct option and type

Which of the following is an abiotic resource?

(a) human (b) fish life

(c) stones (d) the animal kingdom

2 Black soil is most useful for which of the following crops?

(a) Ris (b) Gram

(c) Cotton (d) Sugar cane

3. What percentage of the land area in India should be covered by forest

(a) 33 percent (b) 44 percent

(c) 55 percent (d) 35 percent

4. In which of the following states is patio cultivated?

(a) Punjab (b) Haryana

(c) Uttar Pradesh plains (d) Uttarakhand

5. Tidal energy is not a resource of any of the following

(a) refillable (b) staffed

(c) abiotic (d) acyclic

6. Which of the following natural resources has limited reserves?

(a) Mineral oil (b) Wind power

(c) solar energy (d) hydropower

7. Which Commission presented the concept of sustainable development?

(a) Rutledge Commission (b) Landbert Commission

(c) Brundtland Commission (d) None of these

8. In which of the following conditions is desert soil present?

(a) Uttar Pradesh (b) Karnataka

(c) Rajasthan (d) Andhra Pradesh

Answer- 1. (c) Rocks, 2. (c) Cotton, 3. (a) 33 percent, 4. (d) Uttarakhand, 5. (a) Refillable, 6. (a) Mineral oil, 7. (c) ) Brundtland Commission, 8. (c) Rajasthan.

fill in the blanks

Iron ore is a type of resource.

2. The land that is not arable is called ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, land.

3. Black soil ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is also called soil.

Approximately ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, percent of the total accumulated area in India can only be cultivated.

5. The land area is 43 percent of the country’s total area.

Answer 1. Abiotic, 2. Barren, 3. Regur 4. 54 percent, 5. Common.

write true false

1 Old alluvial soil is called Bangar land.

2 The word laterite comes from the Greek word letter.

3. Cells and metals are biological resources.

In Punjab and Haryana, 80 percent of the land is cultivated.

5. The area where cultivation has not been carried out during an agricultural year or less is called net sown area.

Answer: 1. True, 2. True, 3. False, 4. True, 5. False.

write the answer in a word or a sentence

1. What is the total geographical area of ​​India?

2. What types of resources are there based on origin?

3. Where was the first International Earth Summit held?

4. What proportion of the country’s area is plateau area?

5. What color is the desert soil?

“Class 10 Social Science thesis 2022 must be memorized”

Answer 1. 3287263 million square kilometers 2. two 3. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), 4. 27 percent, 5. maroon.

(2) Forest and wildlife resources

Select the correct option and type

Species found in specific areas outside the natural boundary are called

(a) threatened (b) available

(c) vulnerable (d) endemic

2 Sariska Tiger Reserve Project is on

(a) Rajasthan (b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Kerala (d) Gujarat

In which of the following states was the first decision on joint forest management taken?

(a) Odisha (b) Karnataka

(c) Bihar (d) Gujarat

4. The main cause of deforestation in northeastern and central India is

(a) for fuel (b) for varying cultivation

(c) for housing (d) for industries

Which of the following states has the largest area of ​​permanent forest?

(a) Jharkhand (b) Odisha

(c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer – 1 (d) endemic, 2 (a) Rajasthan, 3. (a) Odisha, 4 (b) 5 (c) Madhya Pradesh for varied cultivation

• Fill in the blanks and write

The Himalayan yew is a plant ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.

2. The dense forest area in India is ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, percent.

3. The Munda and Santhal tribes of the Chota Nagpur region worship the trees of ,,,,,,,,,,, and Kadamba.

4. Bandhavgarh National Park ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, is located in the state.

5. The tiger reserve in West Bengal is seriously threatened due to mining of Dolomite.

Answer – 1 drug, 2,122 percent, 3. Mahua, 4. Madhya Pradesh, 5. Box

match the right pair

• Write True False

All other living things depend on one forest.

2. The Wildlife Act of India was adopted in 1972.

The Periyar Tiger Reserve Project is located in the state of Kerala.

Sundarbans National Park is located in Uttarakhand.

5. Reserved forests are considered to be the most valuable.

Answer- 1 True 2 True 3. True 4 False 5 True.

answer in a word / sentence

1 Which is the fastest mammal that lives on land?

2 What proportion of India’s national water area is polluted.

3. What are the sludge and burns related to?

4. Who is considered to be the main culprit for environmental degradation in developing countries?

5 Write the name of the movement carried out by the peasants in Tehri.

Answer- 1. Leopard 2.70 percent 3. Shifted agriculture, 4 Industrialization 5. Chipko movement.

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