Mallika Sherawat is at the forefront of giving bold scenes, breaking all boundaries in these 5 movies

New Delhi: There are many heroines in Bollywood who are sure to have bold scenes if they are in the movie. This is because these beauties attracted a lot of publicity not because of their interpretation but because they gave bold * scenes. The name of such an actress is Mallika Sherawat. Mallika Sherawat has made many films so far, but each film has been discussed not because of its interpretation or the story of the film, but because of its bold image. Find out about 5 such movies in which Mallika Sherawat gave bold * scenes in such a way that even the viewers were ashamed.

17 kisses at “Khwaish”

Mallika Sherawat first came to the fore from the movie “Khwaish” in 2003. In this movie, Mallika gave 17 kissing scenes with Himanshu Malik.

Many bold scenes are given in “Murder”

In the movie “Murder” by Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat, Mallika had exceeded all limits of courage. Not only the scenes of this movie but also the song ‘Bheege Lip Tere’ was such that you will be ashamed to hear it in front of everyone.

He had a temperament with Rahul Bose as well

In the movie “Pyaar Ke Side Effects”, which came with Rahul Bose, Mallika Sherawat had made many bold scenes.

He did not lag behind in “Nagli Aur Pagli” either

Mallika Sherawat gave awesome kissing scenes with Ranvir Shorey in the movie ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’.

He also had a romance with om puri

“Dirty politics”… as the name implies. In this movie, Mallika Sherawat gave awesome bed scenes with Om Puri.

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