LIC Jeevan Umang Policy: Life insurance up to 100 years, benefit of 28 lakhs at maturity, know how

Jeevan Umang Scheme Life Insurance up to 100 years, benefit of 28 lakhs at maturity, know how : By investing in this insurance (LIC Jeevan Umang Policy), customers get a life insurance cover of up to 100 years. Here 44 rupees must be deposited daily and on the due date you get 28 lakh rupees. This insurance is different from other LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) insurances. People from 90 days to 55 years can invest in this policy. According to this insurance, you get life insurance for up to 100 years.

Jeevan Umang Scheme

According to this policy (LIC Jeevan Umang Policy), a fixed income will continue every month when the policyholder falls due. Not only this, if the policyholder (Life Insurance Corporation) dies, his family members or the trustee will receive the lump sum.

28 lakh benefits are available according to the policy

According to this policy from LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), customers receive up to Rs 28 lakh. If you also want to invest under this policy (LIC Jeevan Umang Policy), you have to deposit 1320 Rs for the month. In this sense, you need to set aside 44 Rs per day. If you take this policy, you must deposit Rs 15,298 as a premium for one year.

You can invest in this insurance for 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. At the same time, a fixed income is added to the policyholder’s account every month at the term of the insurance.

Insurance must be taken out for at least 2 lakhs

Under this policy (LIC Jeevan Umang Policy), futures benefits will be available in the event of unintentional death or disability of the investor. This policy is not affected by market risks. This policy definitely has a LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) profit and loss effect. Tax exemption is also available if you take this policy below 80C. If anyone wants to make a plan for LIC Jeevan Umang policy, he must take out insurance of at least two lakh rupees.

LIC Jeevan Umang Scheme Features of

  • It is a combination of both regular income and lump sums.
  • Offers an opportunity to choose a premium payment period of 15 years, 20 years, 25 years or 30 years.
  • It is a non-linked life insurance plan with profits.
  • Provides life insurance until the policyholder turns 100 years old.
  • If the policyholder has paid premiums regularly for 3 years and if the plan is a repurchase
  • Provides loan facility up to 90% of the repurchase value if the value is reached.
  • LIC Jeevan Umang Plan (Life Insurance Corporation) offers a simple return bonus as well as a final extra bonus if any.


Two types of discounts are available on the LIC Jeevan Umang Policy. The first is Discount Premium Refund Mode and the second is a comprehensive base amount of insured repayment. 2% on an annual basis and 1% on a half-year discount are charged for the primary form of payment. A discount of 2 percent (Life Insurance Corporation) on the promised minimum amount for Rs 25 lakh and is taken over for higher basic amounts. 1.75% of the promised capital amount will be paid at Rs 10 lakh to Rs 24.75 lakh. A discount of 1.25% on the promised capital amount is taken from 5 lakh to 9.75 lakh.

Jeevan Umang Scheme Loan

LIC Jeevan Umang Policy offers loan options up to 90 percent of the repurchase value after completing three years of the program and monthly bonus payments. (Life Insurance Corporation) a repurchase interest would also have been received for a loan facility.

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