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Jal Jeevan Hariyali This is a very good initiative of the state government, Jal Jeevan makes our environment clean, along with that our life and our good sense of our environment increases. Jal Jeevan Hariyali One hundred percent attention should be paid water life green Provides nectar in future life, let us know what kind of benefits are provided by the Bihar government under Jal Jeevan Hariyali Yojana and What is Jal Jeevan Hariyali Yojana? Government of Bihar Jal Jeevan Hariyali Yojana According to which the amount of the subsidy is given to the farmers, the state government has taken many big steps to promote the aquatic life, the green, and other information about it will be known.

Plan water life green
kind of design formal
beneficiary Farmer
condition A state in East India

Jal Jeevan | water life green

From this we and you should know that climate change is happening day by day, the main reason for this is global warming. Jal Jivan Green can be removed with Bihar is the first state where the first concrete step was taken to tackle climate change with the launch of Jal Jeevan Hariyali Abhiyan. Jal Jivan Hariyali Abhiyan First on January 19, 2020, Bihar made this campaign more specific by setting a chain of over 18000 km.

Apply online Jal Jeevan Hariyali Bihar

Jal Jivan Hariyali Abhiyan started on October 26, 2019. The removal of water from water sources such as lakes, renovated public lakes, land entry to save water in small rivers or forests, hilly areas, by the Department of Rural Development to save water, by the Department Small Water Resources, in forested hilly areas

Jal Jivan Green, government buildings and students, collecting rainwater on earth, preventing large-scale trees, weather-friendly agriculture, crop rotation and crop residue management, emphasis on using solar energy, the main source of electricity for every Jal The Jeevan Hariyali Awareness Campaign is currently underway. let’s find out Jal Jivan for green design how to do it online

Form of the program The water collection program in the field is implemented.

Crop, horticultural and forestry development program by saving water in the field, individual farmers or groups of farmers / farmers producers / self-help groups / growers of rainwater harvesting areas as part of a water conservation program in the area. on-site water saving and integrated cultivation system for one acre.

the nature of the design

  • In the year 2020-21, the government will implement the water collection plan in the field of 10000 acres.
  • This plan will be implemented taking into account 1 acre of arable land as a unit.
  • In which of the six models of water collection attached, farmers can work on any model and research will be free to determine the maintenance of fruit trees, trees, agriculture, forestry and agriculture, for which a collective grant according to Achhadid Rakwa

Subsidy: According to different models for the water collection structure, a 50% grant is granted for the construction of a pond water collection structure and a 100% grant for a collective commitment.

Jal Jeevan Hariyali How much subsidy for which crop

model Harif Rambi warm Grant / Acre in Rs.
Model 1 Rice Wheat moon 9840
Model 2 Rice oily seeds moon 8960
Model 3 Rice Chana / Tisi / Khesari frame 7760
Model 4 Mecca Chana / Tisi / Khesari frame 6880
Model 5 tur , frame 4460
Model 6 ragi oily seeds moon 6880
Model 7 Soybean Wheat moon 8960
Model 8 Mecca oily seeds moon 8090
Model 9 Mecca Wheat frame 6880
Model 10 tur + corn Chana / Tisi / Khesari moon 9840
Model 11 Chana Dal Tisi / Wheat moon 6580
Model 12 uranium / moon Wheat moon 9840

Farmer registration

jal jeevan

Bihar water life green green in programming In connection farmer to Sign up It is necessary to live without a farmer Sign up from your water life greenery Online Application Farmers can not, can get information from here for registration and Bihar government official webpage Feather Farmer registration When registering farmers, you can go to your own

  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account
  • It is necessary to have a mobile phone with you

if you Farmer registration You are done Jal Jivan Hariyali Yojana can apply online, farmers can apply, farmers can do one online separately or online to more than one farmer group. Jal Jeevan Hariyali Yojana You can do it online in a group, if all of you farmers together, all the farmers in the group together make a pond.

So in this lake the cost of digging the lake is given by the government in the form of a subsidy from the government. That you can take advantage of this lake, the government will not talk to you about it, but if you collect water, build a pond , take a well and then it gives you a grant from the government to collect water. Jal Jivan Hariyali plan is to collect water in one form or another, to store it

how to apply

Jal Jivan To Apply for Hariyali Click on the Online Application below

  • After clicking, the official website of the Bihar government will open
  • There, first of all read the pop-up notice at the top.
  • After that click this button
  • After clicking the button, click on the online application Jal Jeevan Hariyali after downloading
  • Select the type of farmer, if you want to do it online farmer, then write it down, if you want to do it in a group, then note the group.
  • and submit by entering the further registration process fill out the form

jal jeevan hariyan

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