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If you have a dividend card and raise a diet each month, then while you are getting a diet, you must first Ration Online Epdsap Card After that you were given a portion. For this, you used to put the diet card on the Internet for a long time standing in line, but now the government has released a mobile application that facilitates all diet card holders. Through this mobile application, you can make a diet online from anywhere in the country and you can get a diet on time.

In this article we will tell you how Diet card Online ,επδσαπ) and where to download the mobile app and after downloading how to register for the diet card, we will tell you all this information in this article. Please read this carefully so that you do not have any problems with the electronic registration of the dividend slip.

Book Ration Online Method

The government is pursuing such a policy so that the general public does not face any kind of problem, day by day our country is rapidly moving towards digital. With this in mind, all diet card holders in the country will now be able to book their diet via mobile phone. The One Nation One Ration Card has already been implemented in the country.

It only means that only anyone in the country who has to go through the same diet card can get a diet in this place. Earlier, the government also announced that the number of members on the diet card. It is necessary for all these members to sow Aadhaar, if you have not yet connected Aadhaar to your diet card, then be sure to do so so that you do not have any problems getting a diet anywhere, diet via One Nation One Ration card We will tell you how to book at the bottom of this article.

Booking Ration Online Overview of diet card holders

system name Diet card book online
Country India
beneficiary country diet card holder
status of the project it is activated
how to book a portion In connection
condition all states of the country
APK name Mera Ration APK (epdsap)
has been discovered by NIC

Mera Ration APK (epdsap) functions.

The mobile app launched by the government for diet bookings. We will discuss here what is the capability of this Android mobile application, the name of this mobile application Mera Ration And it is compatible with Android, can be run on any Android phone and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. The size of the mobile application is about 30 MB and this application has been started by NIC, so far the download of this mobile application was over 10 lakhs, it is compatible with 4.1 Required Version.

  • Name: Mera Ration
  • APK size: 29 MB
  • Developed by: National Information Technology Center (NIC)
  • Current version: 3.2
  • Compatible: Android

The following feature is available in the Mera Ration Mobile application:

  • Sign up
  • Know your right
  • Nearby Ration stores
  • My transaction
  • suitability criteria
  • Sowing Aadhaar
  • Suggestion and feedback
  • Connection
  • ONORC states

Benefits of Mera Ration APK (epdsap)

  • My diet application form can be obtained anywhere in the country
  • With the help of this application you can save time.
  • Through this application, you can not see if your Aadhar is connected to the diet card.
  • I can register electronically through my diet application
  • Mera Ration You do not need to stand in line
  • If you are going to another state, then through this application you can register immigrants and go there and get a diet.
  • Ability to book a portion from anywhere in the country
  • If you encounter any kind of problem, you can also contact us and there are many other benefits to submitting this application.

Main purpose of Mera Ration APK (epdsap)

My portion is to make the information available to people in an accessible way, as you should know how many members are currently connected to your diet card. And your member’s Aadhaar sowing is done. You can either get this information through this app or not. you are sitting at home Raton Day Through Diet booking time will not be abused. It is possible to book a portion anywhere in the country through this application, there is a possibility of a helpline as well as other facilities will be available to the holder of the country diet card through this application.

How to download Mera Ration APK (epdsap)?

my request for a diet To download, go to the Google Play Store and enter my ration in the Play Store, the type of photo you see below. If you see a similar photo, download this app, see the app link below, from there you can go directly to the Play Store. And you can download the application, after downloading, you can now use the following.

epdsap Book Ration Online Mera Ration Apk
Mera Ration Apk

Mera Ration APK (epdsap) registration process.

After downloading the My Ration application, you can register as follows: To register, first open the application and activate the mobile location. Mera Ration APK (epdsap) Activating the site will display the name and address of the nearest grain distributor after clicking on the nearest grain store (Near grain stores).

epdsap apply online diet card

  • Click the Register button.
  • After clicking, enter your diet card number.
  • After entering the diet card number, the list of all members of this diet card will be displayed.
  • Select the member to be relocated.
  • Select your state below
  • Choose your area.
  • Select the month from which you will be an immigrant.
  • Enter the reason for immigration.
  • After that click on the Submit button.

Diet registration process

Know your right

For information on how many members are on your share slip and which members have been sown, you can Mera Ration Ability to view through application

Know your right

  • To view, open the My Ration application and click on it.
  • If you do not have your diet card number, you can provide your diet card number
  • Now select your aadhar number from one of the two options
  • Enter the Aadhar number below and click the Submit button

epdsap Know Your Rights Statement

  • Clicking will open a new interface where you will see the list of all members and
  • Next to the member whose Aadhaar sowing has been done, YES will appear in front of him and
  • The NO will appear in front of those who have not done so, this way you can see the sowing status of the members in your portfolio slip.

Transaction card transaction status

The holder of the diet card can check the transaction status every month 6 months transaction my share Ability to view through application

My transaction Status Mer Ration Card

  • To check the status of your transaction, open my application and
  • Click on My Transaction here
  • Enter your food card number and click the submit button
  • What date did you get your share of 6 months and how much rice did you get, how much wheat and other information will be visible in front of you.

MY Transaction Status Mer Ration Card Book Ration Online

The One Nation One Ration Card Scheme ensures the distribution of subsidized food grains to NFSA diet card holders so that eligible food grains can be removed from any Fair Price Store (FPS) anywhere in the country after biometric authentication in / Aadha same / existing NFSA. It can be done using a diet card. Point of Sale (ePoS) electronic devices. Under this scheme, beneficiaries will continue to receive rice, wheat and coarse grain at a price of Rs. 3, Rs. 2 and Rs. 1 kg in other states respectively.

People said about this APK (Check)

  • The app is good for downloading your diet information. But either I can not find out how I can connect to this application or it does not support a connection feature at this time. I guess I will see this feature in the near future with the next update of this app.
  • It’s very helpful and very helpful for a normal person to actually go to the government office and the essay interface and the essay on immigration and another option γραφείο government office and also add an option to change fps sho.
  • It’s a nice app for people. But you have to do some tools like giving the customer a choice to complain to the shopkeeper, as many of the shopkeeper’s behavior is so rude at some point that they do not give a diet to a customer or issue a diet to a customer without informing the customer .
  • Today I downloaded this application. does not work for Andhra Pradesh and shows a network error. only we can see fps stores near us. not good at all. If all options work, I’ll give it a try.


To find the helpline number in My Ration Application, open My Ration Application and click on the right side and click Helpline, here the number will appear, from this number you can contact and express the problem or suggestion your.

Number: 14445


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