Electronic work card registration

Make Online Business Card Registration Online by Labors you want to apply for an online work card registration. Here are all the details on how to create a work card online Fill out the job application form. There have been many changes around the world due to the coronavirus epidemic, because of this change many people have lost their jobs. To overcome this, under Mahatma Gandhi NREGA A package of 1 lakh 1,500 crores has been announced Mahatma Gandhi NREGA full-time employee national average 182 20 202 ₹ were collected is done daily

Important note about creating a work card

If you want to Register a Job, you will find complete information on how to Register a Job online. for our latest updates Notification by pressing the bell button can be registered

This way, you will continue to receive the latest information φάto tell you how Work Registration that you also know by the name of the job registration Doing First of all you need to know that you I want to do it myself ,Check out the CSC Center here) Therefore, you must have a CSC ID CSC ID If you have then you can do Labor Registration the most important If you want to Register a Job, then go to your district first. go away The CSC office based there. Office going to you You have to get a FORM, you have to go through that form Only you can register a public one

Online Job Registration

Job Registration can be done if you Register Job Online electronically from CSC without receiving the form from your region, then you can Work Card which will be entirely will not apply For this, first of all, whether you are a servant of the village. in your block Contact Gram Sevak at your Panchayat or Block also contact only after you CSC Submit any Job via Online Job Registration, we will tell you all the steps here.

Important time document for electronic job registration

  • Aadhar Card
  • Cell phone number
  • Passport size photoThe
  • Bank card book
  • Certificate of Employment

How to register a work card online

Above all CSC Open Gateway After opening the CSC portal, you need to search, select Job Registration as Job Registration in the search box, then you will open the Job Registration portal of different different states. As if images below you can be seen inside Bihar Labor Registration, Chτισtisgarh Labor Department, Job Registration Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh Construction Worker, after and after Haryana Department of Labor, UP Job Registration If you want to get a Job Registration for people of any state should be clicked as if Today we tell you about Bihar.

How to connect to the online registration of the work card

Online Work Card Registration

online job registration BiharOption of electronic job registration

After that a portal appears as you will see the Job Registration in the image below, first of all you have to You must click Aadhar Authentication or Aadhar Verification after clicking Aadhar Verification After clicking on Aadhar Verification, you will need to enter your Aadhar number and Aadhar name After that, click on Verify Aadhaar Click on Verify Aadhaar

online job registration Bihar

online job registration Bihar

All the steps for online job registration

After that your form comes out openly, after the company comes out in front, you have to fill in all the details. What’s your name After that you have to enter the date of your application, the date on which you apply In front you have to upload a photo for Job RegistrationI will give you below after uploading You have to choose your area From which area do you do online for Job Registration After selecting the area, you need to define the office next. After that you will be given all the details along with the address. at the bottom You should see the Images How Online form is full After that comes the information as in the image below Labor Registration Online will be visible.

Fill out the online form for Shramik

online job registration Bihar

The previous details follow Job Registration Related to whether you need to provide information here for employment details somewhere before The employer must enter the sensor license number Is If you’ve worked in the past, then you should know this. Enter your job description As you can see in the Job Registration image below comes after Bank Information Your bank account details Introduce yourself while registering a Job online I happen to put it

Job Registration Employment Details

online job registration Bihar

Online Job Registration Bank Details

in bank details like yours IFSC Code If you do not know the IFSC Code, click on the Banking item next to it How to find the IFSC code Then enter the name of the bank to which the bank belongs, enter the name of the branch, enter the address where the bank is located further bank account numberenter after You will need to scan and upload your bank account booklet while registering your work in JPG or PDF format. That way, I have told you all the information below, it goes well. Candidate details

Labor bank details

Job Registration Candidate Details

Select a candidate while registering for a job online Coming to the candidate you must state that I recommend the following people from a member of my family as formal dependents in exchange for me the entire amount even in the event of my death You have the right to receive what I will grant as privileges to you as a candidate below Which you can enter the name of any member of your family according to you. Your wife’s name, your father’s name, your mother’s name, your brother, whatever option you have to choose, what is your relationship with the member? This member will be visible to you below

candidate details

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Question: How to apply for registration in Bihar Shramik

Answer: Go to this article for online registration in Bihar Shramik- Click here

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