Ekta Kapoor marries at 46, is already mother of a child, knows the full news

The Bollywood movie industry is a very big movie industry, in which every day new people come forward, new relationships of some actor come forward. There are many such actresses in the Bollywood film industry who got married after turning 40 and settled in but let us tell you that this film industry is one such actress who became mother of two children before marriage. This keeps her in the news a lot in today’s time. Speaking of this actress, she is none other than the daughter of the famous Bollywood actor Jitendra whose name is Ekta Kapoor. Yes, Ekta Kapoor is not married yet but she has become a mother of a child. Recently, there has been news that Ekta Kapoor, the mother of one child, is getting married very soon, which is why there are discussions about her everywhere at the moment. Let us tell you further in the article how Ekta Kapoor ended up becoming a mother without getting married.

In today’s time, not only the entire Bollywood but almost the entire country knows Ekta Kapoor. This is because Ekta Kapoor is a very great and famous producer who has produced many TV shows and web series which makes everyone know her in the day and age. Ekta Kapoor also has her own OTT platform called Alt-Balaji. This is why everyone knows Ekta Kapoor so well these days. Recently, while making a statement about becoming a mother without marriage, Ekta Kapoor said that she did not get married because of her father because her father had said that you have to choose between career and marriage, which made her choose career. Elected and not married. Ekta Kapoor has scientifically given birth to a child and has become a mother. Not long ago, news has come out that Ekta Kapoor is getting married soon. Let us tell you further in the article who chose Ekta Kapoor as her life partner.

The entire film industry knows Ekta Kapoor in today’s time. Today, Ekta Kapoor remains in the headlines for her personal life as after becoming the mother of a child, Ekta Kapoor is now getting married soon. Ekta Kapoor recently posted a photo with a boy. Ekta Kapoor posted a photo with a boy whose name is Tanveer Bookwala. It is said that both have been together for a long time and that they will both tie the knot soon. Because of this, Ekta Kapoor is everywhere right now.

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