E Shram Pension Scheme: Now holders of e Shram cards will receive a pension, knowing how to make cards

E Shram Pension Scheme: Many programs have been started by the central government for the work section in the country. Apart from this, many such government e-shram portals have been created, where poor people in the country can register and benefit from government systems. One of these is the E Shram Card portal. This portal has been started for the workers, so that they can benefit from proper facilities from the government.

E Shrams pension system

E Shrams pension system

E-Shram Pension Scheme

According to information, more than 14 million workers have been registered so far. No payment will be required for registration under the E Shram Portal. It’s completely free. Workers can also register their E Shram card by visiting the official website of the E-SHRAM portal, eshram.gov.in.

UP became the state with the highest financial support

If you live in Uttar Pradesh and have not yet made an E Shram Card, do so soon. Many lost their jobs during the corona period. At the same time, it had become difficult for many working-class families to survive twice. With all this in mind, the Yogi government in Uttar Pradesh has implemented the possibility of e-shram cards, so that poor people can get financial help. The Yogi government provides financial support of Rs 500 per month to workers registered on the E Shram portal in the state.

Highest financial support given in UP

The Yogi government gives 500 rupees to each member of the poor working family, whose age is 16 years or more. Let us say that UP has become the only state where the maximum number of applications has been made for the E Shram Card. Not only this, the people here have also made the most of it. Most people in UP are engaged in agriculture, or run rickshaws, street vendors and day laborers. In such a situation, the government provides financial assistance to these families.

Follow these steps for registration

  1. To register the E Shram portal, you must first go to its official website.
    Log in to the website eshram.gov.in.
  2. Then click on the link ‘Register for e-SHRAM’ on the website.
  3. Here by entering the mobile number and captcha code linked to Aadhaar, click on send OTP.
  4. After this, your registration process will be completed.

You can get this benefit

The workers who are registered on the E Shram portal and fully fulfill its eligibility, receive accident insurance up to Rs 2 lakh from the government. Every facility that the government brings to the workers will be of direct benefit. In the future, the facility for E Shram Card pension may be available. According to the maternity allowance, the government will take measures for the maintenance and upkeep of the pregnant woman and her children. Appropriate funding will be provided for building construction, financial support for children’s education and financial support for skills upgrades.

Receives pension: E Shrams pension system

Only unorganized sector employees can apply for the E Shram Pension Scheme by the government. Through the E Shram Portal system, he can receive the pension amount in his account after 60 years at the specified time. Citizens aged 18 to 40 will be able to apply for this E Shram Card pension scheme. To take advantage of the system, workers have to deposit an amount of 55 to 200 Rs in their bank every month depending on their age.

If the workers registered on the E Shram portal are 18 years old, you must deposit Rs 55 per month, if you are 40 years old you must deposit Rs 200 per month until you turn 60 years old. After that, holders of e-Shram cards will receive a pension. The pension amount for this E Shram Pension Yojana will be the support for their old age because no one takes care of anyone in old age, but through retirement the workers will not have to bow to anyone nor will they have to bow to anyone. Support will be needed! E Shram Card is very beneficial for the workers!

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