E-Shram card loan: The government may soon announce that holders of E-Shram cards will receive two benefits.

E-Shram card loan The government may soon announce that holders of e-Shram cards will receive two benefits. : E-Shram Card Yojana is a program for individuals working in the disorganized sector. All workers, including those in the disorganized sector, will benefit from the e-Shram Card program, which will provide them with employment opportunities and access to various government programs. To provide financial security and many services to all these people, the government has created a website. The name of the portal is “E-Shram Card Portal” and it was launched in 2021.

E-Shram card loan

The Ministry of Labor and Employment has launched the portal. It is necessary for all workers in the disorganized sector to register for this portal (E-Shram Card Portal). So that they can benefit from all programs and services from the government. You can also take advantage of programs like E-Shram Card Loan. All qualified employees and workers can register on the portal by visiting eshram.gov.in.

E-Shram cardholders will be eligible for bonuses up to Rs 200,000

The government’s initiative will be available to all workers, including workers in the disorganized sector, registered on the E-Shram portal. All workers receive an e-shram card after completing the registration process on the portal. They can use all the facilities provided to them through this channel. Apart from many systems, there are other benefits that they only receive after registering on the e-shram portal, for example if a worker is registered on the portal and has a Shramik card, when that worker or worker is involved.

Accident insurance with the government is available up to Rs.2 lakh. Actually, ‘Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana’ will give them this advantage. According to this system (E-Shram Card Yojana), an insurance amount of 2 lakh Rs will be given to the families of the workers who died in the accident. Apart from this, 200,000 rupees will be given to the worker even if he is completely disabled. On the other hand, if the worker is partially disabled, he will receive an insurance amount of up to 1 lakh Rs.

The government may announce soon

The government had started it with the aim of compiling information and database for all employees under the “Shramik Portal” (E-Shram Card Portal). The government takes initiatives based on the information available on this portal to help people improve their financial position. They will be able to use this work card as an identity card that will be valid throughout the country. Thanks to this card, Shramik will be able to find work. In addition, all social insurance benefits will be available. They must be registered first, after which the Ministry of Labor will issue a 12-digit universal account number to the registered employee.

Who is eligible to apply for an e-shram card loan?

To take advantage of the systems provided to workers, you must first register on the Unified Shramik Portal (E-Shram Card Portal). Applicants must be at least 16 years old to apply for an E-Shram card. In addition, the maximum age limit should be set at 60 years. The employee shall not be subject to income tax. The employee must not be a member of EPFO ​​or ESIC.

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