E Shram Card 2022 update: Change the rules for E Shram cards, now only these cards can be made

E Shram Card 2022 Update: workers working in the disorganized sector (Labor) E Shram Portal was started this year to prepare the database for the Government’s main goal is to obtain information on how many people work in the unorganized sector, to whom the benefits of state systems should be achieved. e work card (E Shram card) But registering will bridge the gap between the government and the disorganized workers. Due to which the benefits of government and the systems launched by them will reach directly in the present and the future.

Update for E Shram Card 2022

workers in Uttar Pradesh (Labor) There is a competition among the e-shram portal to make e-shram cards. Following the announcement of giving 500 rupees every month to the head of state, Yogi Adityanath, the number of workers signing up for the E Shram card here has increased manifold. At the same time, so far more than 15.30 million people have registered for e-shram cards across the country, while in Uttar Pradesh, more than 4.5 million people have registered their e-shram portal. (E Shram Portal) has registered

More than 15 million people registered across the country

More than 15.30 million workers across the country to date (Labor) Registered for e-Shram cards. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of registrations for E Shram Card. Every day, thousands of people sign up for it since CM Yogi announced Rs 500 per month to e-shram cardholders. To date, approximately 5 million people have accessed the e-shram portal in UP (E Shram Portal) Registered at At the same time, this figure has exceeded 15 million throughout the country. According to data released so far, more than 15.31 million employees have reached the e-Shramik card across the country.

How to register online on the e-shram portal

  1. Log in to the official website-eshram.gov.in or click on this link.
  2. Then click on the link “Register for e-SHRAM” on the website.
  3. Then enter the Aadhaar-linked mobile number and captcha code and press send OTP.
  4. Follow the instructions to complete the registration process.

These benefits will be available by making e-shram cards

e work card (E Shram card) On getting the person gets an accident insurance of Rs 2 lakh. According to this, a grant of two lakh rupees is given in the event of unintentional death or permanent disability and one lakh rupee in the event of partial disability for the worker. 500 per month has been announced for making e-shram cards in UP. In the coming time from the E Shram portal, all facilities that the government will bring to the workers will directly benefit from. In the future, the pension facility can be used via e-shram cards.

This e-labor card provides financial assistance to the workers in costly treatment. e work card (E Shram card) According to the maternity allowance, if a pregnant woman employee is unable to work, full arrangements will be made for her and her children’s maintenance and upkeep. With the help of E Shram Portal, you can benefit from money to build a house. The E-Shram Card provides financial assistance for the education of children. E-Shram Card can provide financial support for skills upgrades.

These workers can get a work card made: E Shram Card 2022 Update

Everyone who does small jobs e work cards (E Shram card) can build. E Shram Portal Teachers, housewives, cooks, Safai Karamcharis, guards, beauty salons, hairdressers, shoemakers, tailors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, potters, painters, tillers, welding workers in the unorganized sector, agricultural workers, NRE, agricultural workers, NRE. Quarrymen, quarry workers, ceiling workers, idol makers, fishermen, rezas, porters, rickshaw pullers, wagon salesmen, etc. People who work in it can make ends meet.

these documents should be

Workers applying for e-shram cards (Labor) Aadhar card, mobile number for the applicant, which is linked to the aadhar card, bank account information for the applicant. Aap E Shram Portal (E Shram Portal) You can register in three ways. Self-registration can be done via the e-shram portal (eshram.gov.in). You can register through the Common Service Center (SSC). Registration of E Shram cards can also be done through the regional offices of the state government in the districts and sub-districts.

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