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How to make one Driving License Online, I’ll see how I do it. Driving License has become very necessary at the moment, if you are driving from a motor vehicle to a vehicle with four or six, then this article is very important for you in this Driving, Information related to obtaining the license In connection will be taken at the present time, it is necessary for everyone to have a license Because you will know for yourself if you ever get in the way of the carrier while Driving, does not cost much to fix today. You will see the topic related to Driving License Online.

Driving License

Ministry of Road Transport and Motorways

Key points related to driving license: More than 1000 road transport offices across the country called RTO office digitally facilitate the Ministry of Road Transport and Motorways online. You can obtain the registration certificate and the driving license at the Road Transport Office Issuance of certificates related to

And this certificate is recognized all over the country. This certificate will be considered valid anywhere in the country. Today we will talk about how to get a driver’s license In connection, The main purpose of its establishment is the driving license and the traffic license from the Ministry of Road Transport throughout the country. Skoda Editorial Board approves its recommendation

For this, the software was designed by SCOSTA Vehicle Sarathi where all state licenses can be registered electronically, in which the Tata registration is done on this site on the vehicle driving license. Let’s see how to get a driver’s license online. Which documents should remain as long driving license online

New Driving License Online (DL) Sarathi.parivahan.gov.in Driving License RTO Registration Certificate (RC) Online

Driving License Online

The Ministry instructed the National Center for Informatics to standardize and develop vehicles VAHAN and SARATHI for vehicle registration and data on vehicle registration and driving licenses of all states were collected in the State Register and the National Register.

Driving License List & Vehicles

There are different types of driving licenses, you will learn more about driving licenses for motorcycles and trucks, below are all the types of driving licenses and their names related to their vehicles, see below how many types of driving licenses for vehicles are made online chariot race Goes In connection You can see all the details below Don’t forget to share this post in this post other people are needed so that they too can get information How to get an online driver’s license, do not forget to share the documents you need to have before doing it online.

  1. Motorcycle under 50 CC (MC50 CC)
  2. Motorcycle without equipment (non-transport) (MCWOG)
  3. Motorcycle with Gears (Non-Transport) (MCWG)
  4. Light motor vehicle (LMV)
  5. LMV -3 Wheeler NT (3W-NT)
  6. LMV-Tractor-NT (TRACTOR)
  7. Custom Vehicle (ADPVEH)
  8. Road Roller (RDRLR)
  9. Other (OTHER)
  10. Loader / Excavator (LDRXCV)
  11. Other Cranes (CRANE)
  12. Others-ForkliftT (FLIFT)
  13. Other – Boring Rigg (BRIGS)
  14. Construction Equipment (CNEQP)
  15. Adapted Vehicle-2 (ADPVH2)
  16. Custom Vehicle-3 (ADPVH3)
  17. E-CART
  18. E-Rickshaw (e-RIKSH)
  19. Other Harvester (HARVEST)
  21. Agricultural tractor and mechanical tractor (AGRTLR)
  22. Tow Trucks (TOWTRK)
  23. Others-Breakdown Van and Recovery Van (BRKREC)
Driving License Online

How to apply for a new driver’s license

driving license online
    Electronic driving license form
Department Ministry of Road Transport and Motorways
Services Driving License (DL) & Registration Certificate (RC)
File type Personal
Function application In connection
condition Indian State
Official webpage sarathi.parivahan.gov.in
Online Driving License

The VACHAN & SARATHI are designed to capture the functions as defined by the Central Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, as well as the state rules of motor vehicles adapted to the basic product to meet the requirements of 36 states.

Before you get a driver’s license, make sure you know the following things, if you want to do it online, then before you do it online, make sure that while you do it online you have to fill out the application, after that you have to upload the document then upload it signature of your photo.

There is a reservation for a test post after the driver’s license is issued, after the driver’s license is paid electronically, after your application has been sent, once the status has been approved, after that, you can print your receipts. Driving license To receive the original print you must go to your own RTO Office.

when you are online Step 7 does not pass

  1. by filling out the application form
  2. document upload
  3. Upload photo and signature
  4. booking a driving license examination post
  5. payment of application fee
  6. verification status
  7. After that, the last step is to print the confirmation, in these 7 steps you have to go through the online driving license form

How To Apply For A Driving License Online Steps

Follow the steps below carefully to obtain an online driver’s license

Step-1 First of all official website “Transportation of chariots” go away

Step-2 After that you select status state for which you driving license online I want to

Step-3 Click the drop-down menu in Apply Online on the left side

Step 4 Click the New Trainee License

Step 5 Now select your qualification

Step-6 If you are applying online for the first time as a fitness test, click on Physical Challenge

Step-7 Press the submit button

Step-8 Now your form is open

Step 9 Fill out this form correctly, first select the state that is your first choice

Step-10 Next, select an RTO desk

Step-11 Enter your PIN
This way and other information you fill out the form step by step

How to check your driving license status

Once you have an online driving license, you can check the status of your certificate by going to the Sarathi Transport website to check Application status Click on it and enter the driver’s license number Can see the status of the application

Apply online

under driving license types except Permission You can see the important link to apply online for I will advise you here, so you can go to the official website. Go online for this

  • Leave for new students
  • New Driving License
  • Issuance of student license for expired vehicle category
  • Learning license services
  • Driving license services (Renewal / Duplicate / All / Other,
  • New conductor license
  • Services with a maestro license
  • Temporary Maestro License
  • Arranging a temporary maestro license
  • Application status
  • Search related applications
  • Find the application number
  • Cancel application
  • Cell phone number update
  • Camp registration
  • Dsl Candidate Registration
  • DL Club
  • New Driving School License
  • Services for driving school license
  • Upload documents
    • Upload documents / scanned images / photos and signatures
    • View Documents

Dating (Booking Slot Machine)

  • Learning license test
  • Driving test
  • Licensed Services (LL / DL)

Modification of applications

  • Add vehicle category
  • Add transactions
  • The service was withdrawn by the applicant
  • Application editing (LL only)

Question about slot availability

  • Learning license test
  • Driving test
  • Licensed Services (LL / DL)

Cancel an appointment

  • Learning license test
  • Driving test
  • Licensed Services (LL / DL)

Printing License Details

  • printing a learning license
  • Print Address License
  • Reprint excerpt DL
  • Print driving license

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