Delhi Widow Pension Yojana: The government gives Rs 2500 every month to widows, apply like this

Delhi Widow Pension Yojana: The government gives Rs 2500 every month to widows, apply like this It should be noted, however, that each state has (Delhi Vidhwa Pension Yojana) have been added to their existing state benefits. So the implementation will look slightly different in different states of India. For this article, we will study the implementation in Delhi.

Delhi Widow Pension Yojana


The Delhi government strives to provide widows, divorced, separated, abandoned or abandoned women in the 18 to 60 age group with a financial relief of Rs 2,500.

Application process for the system (Delhi Widow Pension Yojana)

pension system (Delhi Widow Pension Scheme) The steps to qualify for the position are as follows: Obtain the form from the district office or download the form from the Department of Women and Child Development website. Once you have downloaded the form, fill in all the necessary information and attach your three fit size photographs. Enter your bank account information. Under the Government’s initiative for direct benefit transfer, the benefit amount will be deposited directly into your account. Sign the form and send it to the Department of Women and Children Development. After the form has been sent, it is sent for verification. The pension is started after successful verification of the form.

Documents that must be submitted by the beneficiary

The following documents must be submitted in order to benefit from the system (Delhi Widow Pension Yojana):

  • Proof of age (PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, etc.)
  • Proof of residence permit (Aadhaar card, passport, electricity / water bill, etc. in the beneficiary’s name)
  • Copy of bank account book / canceled check for bank details
  • spouse’s death certificate
  • If the woman is disabled, a certificate from a licensed doctor must be submitted
  • If the woman has a mental illness, a certificate from a licensed doctor or psychiatric staff must be submitted.

So this plan (Delhi Widow Pension Yojana) It is a credible and focused initiative to strengthen the lesser known and less respected part of society. It can go a long way in strengthening the development of women and children in the country as a whole.

Purpose of the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme 2022

About the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme by the Prime Minister of Delhi (Delhi Widow Pension Yojana) If it is started, many goals will be met. One of the main goals is to strengthen women’s empowerment in our society through the implementation of the program. As we all know that there have been many crimes against women in India, so to start the gender equality revolution, the Delhi Widow Pension Scheme has been started by concerned officials from the Delhi government. Mainly to strengthen all women in the state.

Application process for Delhi widow’s pension offline

If you are looking for Delhi Widow Pension Scheme (Delhi Vidhwa Pension Yojana) If you want to apply via offline mode, you can follow the simple steps below.

First, visit the nearest Citizen Service Center (CSC). Delhi Widow Pension Scheme over the counter (Delhi Widow Pension Yojana) Request the application form. Fill in the application form! Submit all necessary documents to the counter. The application form will be sent to the prescribed authority for inspection. After inspection, the pension amount to the applicant is released within the set time.

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