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Birth and Death Certificate

It is the duty of Patna Municipal Corporation by law to register births and deaths within the PMC limit. This activity is currently fully computerized and you can use it from any office in the circle. Some important information related to the birth and death registration fields is listed below:

  • Birth registration within 21 days of birth as well as death impact within 21 days of death without pay and after 21 days from birth and after 21 days from death, but within 30/31 days, birth registration can be done paying Rs. 10.00 as a delay charge.
  • In addition, after 30/31 days, within one year the unregistered birth & death can take place with payment of Rs. 10.00 is required as late charges and the Block Statical Officer (BSO) order, but after one or more years the charge (Rs. 10.00) will be the same but Block Development Officer (BDO) and Block Statical Officer (BSO) are required .
  • The first copy of such birth and death is provided free of charge.
  • With payment of Rs. 05.00, a copy of the birth and death certificate is available.
  • For birth and death registration, all information must be provided in detailed proforma, in a legible and clear manner.
  • In the birth register, after the name of the child is registered, it can not be modified of any nature and no other (pseudonym) name can be attached to it.
  • At the time of death, the name of the deceased is fixed. Therefore, the nickname should be specified in the day trading. Once the name of the deceased is written, it can not be modified in any nature, nor can any other (surname) name be attached.
  • A birth certificate is required upon admission to the school. Therefore, it is necessary to obtain your child’s birth certificate. Rush is always there from November to February each year to receive certificates. Therefore, it is required to obtain the same before.

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