Bihar Labor Card Online Apply: How to apply online for Bihar Labor Card, know

Bihar Labor Card Apply Online: Bihar Government of Bihar (Bihar) Different types of systems are run for the welfare of the workers. In order to reap the benefits of all these schemes for all eligible beneficiaries, it is mandatory for the government to have the details of all Bihar work cards. For this, the workers of the Bihar government (Labor) Bihar Labor Card provided Through which workers are identified! Today we will give you all the important information related to Bihar Labor Card through this article. Like what is this card, its benefits, purpose, features, permissions, important documents, work cards (Work card) Online registration, job registration status, etc.

Bihar Labor Card Apply online

Bihar Labor Card Apply online

Bihar Labor Card Apply online

Bihar Shramik card of the state government of Bihar (Bihar) Made for the working class in the state! So that the details of all workers are available from the state government and the state government can ensure that. What type of system should be started for the Bihar Labor Card and what will be eligible for these systems! Through this card, the government must also ensure that which employee receives which type of work. So that workers can get employment according to their skills. All workers are identified by the Bihar Shram Card Scheme. So that the benefits of different systems provided by the government can reach all workers.

To get a work card you need Bihar (Bihar) You must apply on the official website of the Labor Resource Department of Govt. Labor Registration Number or Bihar Shramik Card on the applicant’s registered mobile number within 7 days of application (Bihar Labor Card) The number is coming! From this issue, the workers of Bihar can apply for various government systems and get the benefits of the systems.

Benefits of Bihar Job Registration (Bihar Labor Card Benefits)

  • A state in eastern India (Bihar) The government provides support of up to INR 60,000 for higher education of workers’ children.
  • An additional 55,000 INR is provided by the Bihar government for the marriage of a worker’s daughter.
  • workers suffering from serious illnesses (Labor) Some grants have also been provided by the government for the treatment of
  • If the worker’s son or daughter gets 80%! So he gets an amount of 25,000 Rs, 15,000 Rs on the profit of 70% and 10,000 Rs on the profit of 60%.
  • After the beneficiary has reached the age of 60, a pension amount of Rs 1,000 is granted.
  • If you want to take advantage of this! So for this, the Bihar Labor Card can be registered.

bihar work card registration online

If you get the Bihar Labor Card by getting the Bihar Labor Registration (Bihar Labor Card) want to build! Then you can follow the procedure below!

  1. A state in eastern India (Bihar) For job registration you need to visit the official website of the department
  2. On the website you see the option for job registration, you have to click on it!
  3. The work registration form now opens in front of you. All information requested in this form such as applicant’s name, spouse’s name, aadhaar number, date of birth, gender, marital status, after that you must fill in your mobile number.
  4. After this, OTP will appear on the mobile number you have entered. You must enter it and then click the Register button.
  5. Your registration has now been made on the work resources department’s website. After that you have to log in labor.

Purpose of Bihar Labor Card: Bihar Labor Card Apply online

this bihar work card (Bihar Labor Card) The main purpose of creation is to provide benefits from all government systems to all workers in Bihar. By making this card, the complete information about the workers reaches the government. So that the government decides to start different types of schemes. The benefits of these systems should be given to the workers. Bihar through this card (Bihar) The government will also help provide employment to the workers.

Bihar work card system (Bihar Labor Card) Via Living in the State! All workers can also be identified! Apart from this, Bihar (Bihar) This card will be used as an important document to apply for various systems provided by the government. the workers (Labor) It will also be mandatory to enter the number provided in the application form to take advantage of many government schemes.

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