Bihar Labor Card 2022: Get free work cards, there will be benefits on lakhs of rupees annually, apply

Bihar Labor Card 2022: Get work cards made for free, there will be benefits on lakhs of rupees annually, apply Shramik Card, Labor Card or Labor Card is a card provided by the government to the working class people to provide various benefits. Bihar Labor Cards are provided to all workers by the Bihar Government. Workers must apply to have this card made. Through the Bihar Labor Card, the full details of the workers reach the government. If the government will have the full details of the workers, the government will be able to ensure that the type of system should be started for the benefit of the workers.

Bihar Labor Card 2022


Bihar Labor Card Scheme is a card made by the government in Bihar for the poor workers. This will help the poor workers financially. The purpose of the Bihar Labor Card is to help and provide employment to the poor through the economic system. Workers working in the disorganized sector will receive a work card. The economic condition of these workers will be improved. Labor brothers and sisters will be able to take advantage of other systems from this one card.

Bihar Labor Registration 2022 (Bihar Labor Card Registration) has been started by the government of Bihar. Workers will benefit from these systems immediately after the work card is created. For this, the work department makes work cards by registering them for identification of contract workers. Free work cards are made by the Ministry of Labor! As soon as the work card is generated, the worker will receive an accident insurance. For this they do not have to contribute anything.

Purpose of the system (Bihar Labor Card 2022)

A department has been created by the government for workers working in the disorganized sector. The Labor Department has started many programs for workers ‘problems and to improve workers’ financial condition. This Bihar Labor Card will be given to the people in the working class of the state, its main purpose is that the workers can get the benefits of various systems of government. And the government should continue to find out how many working class people there are in their state.

Latest update

Migrant workers in Bihar will also benefit from special grants, district review has begun to provide employment! There are more than 22 systems for the workers of the department, which people are not aware of and they are deprived of the benefits of the systems, but the goal is to register more and more workers during corona and lockdown. Labor Resource has decided that maximum registration of workers related to construction and road construction should be done. Block-level officials will be sent from village to village for registration.

Below you will find the details of the most important systems launched in the state of Bihar

  • Mazdur Awas Yojana- The recipient gets 1.50 lakh to build a house!
  • Mazdoor Card Scholarship Scheme – This benefit is available from grade one to diploma.
  • Labor Card Kanya Vivah Yojana – 55-55 thousand rupees for the marriage of two daughters!
  • Mazdoor Card Toolkit Scheme- Benefit of 2-3 thousand for goods used in salaries.
  • Maternity Assistance Scheme – Benefit of 21-21 thousand for 2 deliveries to the female worker and the worker’s wife.

Apart from this, many other plans provide free facilities for life insurance etc for those suffering from silicosis. And you tell the beneficiary whose work card has been made. Involving the family in the food supply is absolutely necessary!


Bihar Labor Registration has launched on the official website of the Bihar Labor Resource Department. If you want to get the Bihar State Civil and Bihar Labor Card done, by making its official website, you can easily register your government worker card sitting at home. This work card is made during the Bihar Skill Mission. During the Corona period, the registration of migrants and local workers is done offline at the block level, instructions have been given to the officials so that the workers can get the benefits of departmental plans.

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