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Get New Diet Card List Bihar Here is all the information on getting a Bihar Diet Card, Applying for a New Diet Card Check out the Diet Card online, Getting a New Diet Card Bihar | District Wise Bihar Ration Card List. List of Panchayat Wise Ration Cards Download Jeevika Ration card.

What is a Ration Card From this word it is known what its use is and for what purpose it is used. Diet card it happens to them Subsidized cereals are given by the government. The diet card is also known as an ID. The diet sheet is very important, it is one of the valuable documents. The diet sheet is an aadhaar for identification.

From time to time new diets are made and New families are identified and a new diet card is issued, this time based on the inventory, the diet card was issued to families with state-of-the-art diet card criteria. There is a different way of marking the diet card in all states, such as in Haryana and Punjab, a declaration form must be given to create a new diet card, similar to Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and other states based on the census. A diet card is provided

Who provides a diet card?

The diet card is a government document. The diet card is issued by the state government to those families who meet the criteria of that state. There are two types of diet tickets. Diet card in India This instruction is given to all state governments. To identify such households eligible to purchase subsidized food grains under the Public Distribution System, they are issued diet cards under the NFSA. There are two types of diet cards as well

Bihar diet card

Priority portion card , This diet card is issued by the state government to those families who meet the required eligibility criteria or criteria. Under this diet card, each priority or families is given 5 pounds of food per month to a member.

Antyodaya diet card: In this type of diet, this diet is given to the poorest of the poor families. This Antyodaya diet card gives 29 kg of grain each month. Let me tell you here earlier that the Ration card type was 3 In which the third diet card was the BPL portion card.

Under this BPL diet card, 15 kg of cereal food was provided to each family, while the BPL diet card was issued to people living below the poverty line. The Antyodaya diet card took 25 to 35 kilos of cereal food from the poor Diet cards were given to poor families, now 29 kilos of food grains are given to these families in the Antyodaya diet card holder.

Diet card attached to the Aadhaar

This time Prime Minister Sri Narendra Monti (One Nation One Ration Card) Each dividend card holder was asked to link the dividend card to the Aadhar card as well as to the bank account Given that all Bond Card holders logged in with their Aadhar number with their Bundled Card, it was very helpful for them to log in.

NPCI directly to the account of all Aadhar sowing cardholders (NPCI) The money passes through Immediate Transfer of Beneficiaries (DBT) is such an instrument Through which the money reaches these families directly on the diet card linked to the Aadhar card and the NPCI monitors all of these things, that’s very good. So far you people have not connected your Aadhar Ration card, so do it now, you will get many benefits.

You can get your own information on whether your Aadhar card is connected to the Ration Card or not. Look here

The provision of Aadhar-enabled services (AeSD) prevents corruption in the retail trade by depositing profit money directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. This is called direct benefit transfer (DBT). This middleman and fraud, oneyoterminates the beneficiaries, In this way, Aadhaar saves public money worth crores of rupees per year and enables poor people to access social security benefits.

How to view the Ration Card Bihar

To view your Bundle Card, follow the instructions in the image below, you can easily see the Bundle Card, let me tell you that the Bundle Card data continues to change depending on when a new Batch Card is made, then a new Bond Card is added to it, then if your name does not appear in this list, after a while you see your name, this will happen if you have already applied for a Bund Card.

Diet card
At the bottom you will see the link, after clicking there, it will open like the image given above, from there you select your area.
Ratipm Dpwmload card new
After that, select the block that is your block from here, after selecting the block, the list of your panchayat will be displayed.
Bihar diet card download list
Select your Panchayat from here, which is your Panchayat, after selecting Panchayat, the list of your village will be displayed.
epds diet card online
From here, select the village to which you belong. After selecting the village, the name of all the holders of the dividend slips of your village will be visible, click on the number of the food card of this card to see the name of the holder of the food card.
Wise panchayat diet card
Enter the Bond Card number of the person whose Bond Card will be displayed. A new window will open in front of you with a photo of the Bond Card holder’s member name, which you can print and retrieve. This way the diet card can be checked online at home.

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