Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Scheme: 1500 rupees will be available for nutritious food for mother and son, like this

Many programs are run by the government in Bihar for women. For this, through these systems from the central and state governments, women will be given beneficiaries. (Beneficiary) is done. In this sequence, a Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana is run by Bihar’s state government for the nourishment of women and children under 6 years of age. According to this, 1500 Rs per month will be given especially to pregnant women and to provide nutritious food to the newborn.

Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Scheme

Bihar Anganwadi Beneficiary Scheme (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana) Integrated Child Development Service ICDS and Planning Social Welfare Department Integrated Child Development Services has issued an official announcement on March 30, 2020. Under which children from 6 months to 6 years and beneficiaries (Beneficiary) Women will receive dry rations, but it is necessary to register for it. Names under Anganwadi Register and ICDS! The school is not possible to open due to the corona pandemic. Due to which women and children also face problems in providing ration.

Many programs are run by the government for women. For this, women benefit from these Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana) at their respective levels in the central and state government. In this sequence, a program is run by the state government of Bihar for the nourishment of women and children under 6 years of age. especially the beneficiary (Beneficiary) 1500 rupees per month will be given to provide nutritious food to women and newborns.

The amount received under Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana will be sent to the beneficiary’s bank account. Information on the Social Welfare Department Integrated Child Development Services How to Apply for the Anganwadi Beneficiary Scheme! What are the benefits of Bihar Anganwadi Beneficiary Yojana (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana)! And what documents are required to take out benefits etc.!

Opportunity for online registration in the Anganwadi Beneficiary Scheme

Pregnant women who want to take advantage of this system of Anganwadi beneficiaries (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana)! They must apply for this and register in this system. Bihar for this (Bihar) The official website has been started by the state government. It can be availed by registering through it! Tell the beneficiary to take advantage of this system (Beneficiary) It is necessary to join the Anganwadi. According to the system, an amount of 1500 Rs is sent directly to the accounts via DBT.

What is the Anganwadi Beneficiary Scheme

Anganwadi Beneficiary (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana) is run by Nitish Kumar’s Bihar government. The benefit of this system is given to children up to 6 years and pregnant women. In this, beneficiaries through Anganwadi (Beneficiary) Nutritious food is given to the pregnant woman and her children. During this dry ration and cooked food, nutritious food is given.

However, due to coronary heart disease, schools and Anganwadi centers cannot open properly. There is also the possibility of a third wave! In view of this, it has been decided to send Rs. This (Bihar Anganwadi Labharthi Yojana) 1500 rupees per month instead of nutritious food on women’s account. The social care department Integrated Child Development Services, this amount is for all beneficiaries. (Beneficiary) will be received via bank accounts. So that everyone takes care of their food and drink and stays healthy!

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