‘Anupama’ Pachi made preparations to leave home, announced making VIDEO

Muskan Bamne AKA Pakhi Video: Pakhi constantly insists on going abroad on the show. But her mother, Anupama, is protesting. But now Pachi is about to leave home.

New Delhi: TV actress Muskan Bamne, also known as ‘Anupama’ Pakhi Shah, is everyone’s favorite today. Muskaan is also in the public eye these days because she is currently fighting with her mother Anupama (Rupali Gaguli). The story of ‘Anupama’ revolves around Pakhi these days. Who longs to go abroad but Anupama does not want to let her go. But now Pachi is running away from home. This is what Muskan herself has said in a video.

Funny video with Kareena dialogue

In fact, in addition to the serial story, this video is a Muskan wheeled video in which he appears to be talking about running away from home in a fun mood. Synchronizes the lips in Kareena Kapoor’s famous dialogue “Main Ghar Se Bhag Rahi Hoon από” from the movie “Jab We Meet”. Her expressions are very cute. Watch this video…

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What gives a hint of the story

Now, after watching this video while people praise Muskaan, some also assume that in fact Pakhi of the series is going to leave Shah House and run away. Anupama fans are asking questions about it. People really like this style of smile.

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Playing the character with 100% honesty

In an interview last year, Muskan Bamne said she believes an actor should always give 100% to any character on screen. Muskan said, “I think whatever character you are given, you have to give it your all. You have to give 100%. If you feel the character, then the audience will feel it too.

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She fell in love with Pakhi while listening to the script

Speaking about her famous show, Muskan Bamne revealed that he fell in love after hearing the script of ‘Anupama’. He said that for the first time in the script I saw that Pachi is the youngest in the house. Her parents love, care for and adore her, but things change when Kavya enters their lives. He is going through difficult times. I feel. The graph of the characters is amazing as it gives me the opportunity to explore so many different emotions.

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The heart won in these TV shows as well

The actress, who has appeared on TV shows such as “Bakula Bua Ka Bhoot” and “Super Sisters”, says her favorite show. Muskan says that in “Super Sisters”, I played a Haryanvi girl. The show revolves around two sisters who possess magical superpowers, which they used to help ordinary people. This is my favorite because I had the opportunity to talk Haryanvi and my character was also a bit stubborn. It was fun to do it.

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