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Anupama Fame Rupali Ganguly Dance with Alpana Buch: This video of actress Rupali Ganguly and Alpana Buch is breaking.

New Delhi: The king of TV shows and all the stars of TRP’s top show ‘Anupama’ came close to the hearts of the world in a short time. Such upheavals constantly come to the show where the role of each character comes to the fore. The one who has received the most love on screen since the beginning of the show, is the protagonist Rupali Ganguly and Alpana Buch’s mother-in-law, who plays the role of ‘Ba’. Although they both seem to be fighting fiercely on the show, the dance videos of both of them are making a splash on social media. Once again a video with this mother-in-law’s couple appeared.

Ba and Anupama danced intensely

The episode of the show is not coming on Sunday, so Rupali Ganguly posted a video of herself dancing with Baa on her official Instagram account this Sunday to keep in touch with her fans. In the video they both show their dancing movements following the trend of ‘Balam Sami’. This video is now going viral. Watch this video…

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You can make Garba in any song!

While sharing this video, Rupali also wrote a funny caption. He wrote, “Sami Pe Shimming with your own style !! Anupama and Baa (I love it) can fit literally any song… haha ​​!! How is it?’ Now the fans praise both of them a lot after they saw the dance. This style of both is also quickly shared on fan pages.

What happens

Speaking of the show, these days the secrets of the life of Anuj’s sister, Malvika, are revealed on the show. The previous day it appeared that Malvika had a marriage in which she fell victim to domestic violence. After that, Malvika spends her life taking depression medication. Malawika’s husband is also expected to enter in the near future.

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