Aapki Beti Yojana Benefits: Rajasthan Government Helps Girls Financially, Knows How to Benefit

Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana Benefits: Rajasthan Government (Rajasthan Government) Various systems have been started by the state to encourage students in their state in the field of education, through which the students of Rajasthan also get a chance to develop in the field of education. Likewise your daughter plan (Rajasthan Apki Beti Yojana) It has also been started by the government in Rajasthan. This system (Rajasthan Apki Beti Scheme) has been started for the poor girl students who want to study but they can not study because they are below the poverty line.

Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana benefits

Aapki Beti Yojana benefits

Aapki Beti Yojana benefits

Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana (Rajasthan Apki Beti Yojana) launched 2004-2005. This program provides financial support to encourage girls’ students in the field of education living below the poverty line. Even girl students whose parents or one of the mother or father have died, then such girl students will also receive financial support to get better education under the Apki Beti Scheme 2021-2022. She walks!

Rajasthan to poor girl students in the state (Rajasthan) Financial assistance will be provided by the government so that he can easily complete his studies. Then we will give you detailed information about your subsidiary system. So keep reading this post to the end! So that all students can benefit from Apki Beti Yojana 2021-22! You should be aware that the girl students who live their lives below the poverty line, then those girl students also have a very hard time getting an education.

Aapki Beti Yojana benefits

  • It is very difficult for such girl students to get an education whose parents died in their childhood.
  • But your daughter’s plan of Rajasthan’s government (Rajasthan Apki Beti Scheme) With the help of such girls, students will be able to get an education easily.
  • With the help of Aapki Beti Yojana, girls’ students in the state will have a chance to get out of the poverty line and receive higher education.
  • Girls from class 1st to 12th can easily take part in Aapki Beti Yojana 2021-22!
  • The process of applying under Rajasthan Apki Beti Yojana has been kept very simple. So that every student can easily be encouraged in the field of education under this system.

Authorization is required to take advantage of the system

your daughter plan (Apki Beti Yojana) The girls’ students who benefit from this should be natives of Rajasthan. Only then will they be eligible to apply under this system. Girls who study in a state school, only then can they apply according to this system (Apki Beti Scheme). If a girl student studies in a private school, she will not benefit from this system.

your daughter plan (Apki Beti Scheme) The girls who apply for the support should be below the poverty line. Then only they are entitled to this system. Along with living below the poverty line, the girl child whose parents or one of the mother or father has died. Only then can these girls apply under this system.

Necessary documents

  • proof of address
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank account statement
  • photo in passport size
  • previous class certificates
  • proof of income
  • kastintyg
  • bpl ration card
  • Death certificate in the event of the death of a parent or one of the parents

How to apply under Aapki Beti Yojana Rajasthan

Rajasthan (Rajasthan) All girls in the state who want to apply under Aapki Beti Yojana, first of all, they have to visit the Shala Darpan portal. official website

will continue ! On the website of Shala Darpan Portal you will see a link called Apki Beti Yojana. You have to click on it! Now you need to download the application form for Rajasthan Aapki Beti Yojana from here! And then take a printout of it!

Schedule application form (Apki Beti Scheme Application Form) After taking the print out! You need to fill it in properly. And all the necessary documents must be attached to it. After the application form has been authenticated, you must send this form to the district education officer! to be deposited in the office of Thus, every student can apply for Aapki Beti Yojana (Rajasthan Apki Beti Yojana)!

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