7th Salary Committee: Great news! The salary of central employees is increasing this month! The increase of the minimum wage has been determined! see the calculation

7th Payroll Committee Latest news: Central Service employees can still receive good news. Salary is expected to increase this month. The adjustment rate for central and civil servants may be increased.

New Delhi: 7th Salary Committee Latest News: There is good news once again for the employees (Central Government employees). After receiving the first love allowance, after promotion by HRA and TA, now in the new year, they will receive the gift of the salary increase again. In fact, the adjustment rate is set to increase.

It can increase the adjustment factor

It is worth noting that earlier in 2016 the adjustment rate was increased. The 7th Salary Committee was implemented in the same year. At that time, the minimum wage rose directly from Rs 6,000 to Rs 18,000. Now the government can increase the salary of central employees (KE employees) this year as well. If the sources believe, the adjustment rate for central and government employees may increase this month. With the increase in placement, the minimum wages of central employees will increase again.

What is the adjustment factor?

The adjustment rate is the factor that increases the salary of central employees by more than two and a half times. According to the recommendations of the 7th Salary Committee, the salary of central employees is determined by the basic salary and the eligibility rate in addition to bonuses.

The government is considering

In fact, there is a long-standing demand from central and state government officials to increase their adjustment rate from 2.57 percent to 3.68 percent. The placement rate of central staff is expected to be decided before the presentation of the budget on 1 February. After that, the minimum wage of employees will increase.

Calculation of minimum basic salary

Minimum basic salary = 18,000 Rs
Salary without bonuses = 18,000 X 2.57 = 46,260 Rs.
26000X3 = 78000 Rs. on a 3% basis.
Total addition = 78000-46.260 = 31.740

That is, the total wage of the employees will increase by Rs 31,740. This calculation has been made at the minimum basic wage. The benefit of those with the highest salary will be greater.

May be included in the draft budget

The placement rate of central staff may be approved by the Council of Ministers of the Union. Once approved by the Cabinet before the budget, it can be included in the budget expenditure. However, if it receives the approval of the Council of Ministers, then there is no particular need for it to be included in the preliminary draft budget (Budget 2022).

How much will the salary increase?

If the adjustment rate (central government staff adjustment rate) is approved, then there will be a precautionary increase in employees’ salaries. In fact, increasing the adjustment rate increases the minimum wage. At present, employees receive a salary based on the adjustment rate based on the adjustment rate of 2.57%. Now the debate continues for its increase to 3.68 percent.

Emphasis on increasing the adjustment factor by 3 times

The government wants to implement the recommendations of the 7th Payroll Committee, but is not in favor of raising the minimum wage under the 7th CPC. The government can increase the adjustment rate by 3 times. With the increase of the adjustment rate, the basic wage of the employees will increase from Rs 18,000 to Rs 21,000. He also received assurances at the union meeting with the secretary of the cabinet. If the sources are credible, the government is now paying more attention to the adjustment factor.

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